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Are you a resident of Atlanta, or an insider with knowledge of where these scenes were shot?  If so, you can help Walking Dead Locations.  In the comments below, via Twitter, or via email please contact us and help us locate these sites.  We will keep anonymity for those who request it.  As we’ve shown in the multiple location photos already posted, we’re also respectful of property laws and have no intention of trespassing or otherwise breaking any laws in order to get location photos.  We do this simply for the fun of locating where the show is shot as well as providing information about those sites, when possible, to other fans of the show.

Thank you in advance.

Locations we’re currently searching for (Season One):

None at this time.

Locations we’re currently searching for (Season Two):

None at this time.

Locations we’re currently searching for (Season Three):

None at this time.

Locations we’re currently searching for (Season Four):

None at this time.

Locations we’re currently searching for (Season Five):

Episodes 1-8 please give episode, scene and exact address and or Google map coordinates.

142 Responses to Help Us Identify Sites

  1. Lori Lynn Ferguson says:

    It’s very easy go to Senoia, Ga. Everything is there! Almost all you want to see. Woodbury, Alexandria, the street Carl ate pudding is right behind Alexandria community. The bar Hershel had a drink. The list goes on. Then in Atlanta gps Collier Metals. Go there and look around to the abandon train station to the left when you go through the gate ( you’ll have to park inside then walk around. Anyway there you will be right where all the tracks meet! Yes Terminus!

  2. Ashley Smith says:

    there are alot of bridges, dirt roads, and wooded area on Campbellton Redwine Rd in Palmetto Georgia there is even a couple of old abadonned houses that look very old very good spot. It is located right of of Hutchesons Ferry Rd.

  3. DJ early says:

    Lindale Georgia at the mill

  4. Jeff says:

    They will be filming Monday and Tuesday July 21 and 22 in Griffin, GA. West Quilly street and North 12th street. They already have barricades ready and signs posted that the road will be closed those 2 days. I was down there today. It looks like they are using this site for Terminus shooting. It looks very similar to the Terminus site in Atlanta. I was able to see two burned out trailers in the back of the lot and also a burned out car. They have security guards at the gate and on site walking around.

    • don says:

      my son and i were down for that week/weekend. Yes after being there, and seeing the Season 5 premiere i agree, the buildings adjacent to the RR tracks in Griffin are very probably the ones in those scenes. We “scouted” around a bit, and saw some of the areas in the show.

  5. Eric Lowery says:

    The old Crystal Lake in Irwinville Ga, located in Irwin County Ga. Check out “Vanishing South Geotgia” for recent photos and pics. It was a beautiful lake at one time, with water slides in it and around the shores. Sadly it closed after the 1998 season due to the lake drying up except for one small spring fed pool. Now the white sand lake bed is all barren with trees and bushes growing up in it, and the water slides and other water features are all rusting and abandoned. These were big water slides also, like water park slides. Please, please, please check it out, it would make the COOLEST episode and venue, and the best part is, it’s ready to go as is. If you see the pictures of it, you will immediately understand why it would fit in so well.

  6. susan blakely says:

    I am wondering where the lake is in season one episode three and four. I live near Columbus and know when the went to Benning, they didn’t. They were just in some woods, presumably in the many rural areas outside Atlanta. But, that lake looks like an old quarry and I’ve tried to Google it.

    • Dani says:

      It is called the Bellwood Quarry (not accessible to the public). You can see it on our Google map The Quarry also, Google “Bellwood Quarry” to see photos of the site.

  7. Ethan says:

    The Prison is Located at Chestlehurst Road, Senoia, GA, United States, North America. If you type it in google maps it should come up

  8. DeMark says:

    Okay, I have the location above for you: It’s on Bob White Road off of Riverside Parkway going north on Bob White road, the location is on the right just passed the Moose Lodge on the left.

  9. DeMark Weckle says:

    The unknown location photo’s above were shot near Six Flags over Georgia, Off of Riverside parkway in Austell. I don’t know the exact address and street but I work just around the corner and drive by this location often and will post an update tomorrow. It’s also near a famous restaurant by the name of Beaver Creek Biscuit company.

  10. Mobile says:

    Well, I live about 4 miles from the ‘CDC’ – if you’re driving South, look for one of the exits off of I-75 JUST after you cross I-285. Once you cross I-285 (going south) you’ll see a big sign advertising Cobb Energy Center – There you go! There’s a Hooters & a Tilted Kilt nearby, along w/ Cumberland Mall & The Cobb Galleria. Go shopping, watch girls in short-shorts/kilts & hang w/ Zombies on a break on the long drive to FLA!

  11. Brad says:

    My fiance and I were in Woodbury (Senoia) yesterday (12/1), and talked to a woman working in the Walking Dead store on the first floor of the Governor’s house (brick building near the corner), and she said that Andrea was just in the store two weeks ago due to filming.

  12. Jennifer J says:

    Last month we stopped into the Senoia Visitor’s Center and the friendly woman in there told us about where they were going to be filming the following week. We had spare time so we scouted it out and did find the “Do not mow” signs as well as digital signs on each end of the road saying it would be closed. There was also a dirt road going into the woods off the main road and a man standing outside a truck at the entrance. He had a badge, so I wondered if he was security affiliated with the show or something. I was just wondering, do any of you go near the sites where they’re filming and if so, do you see anything? I’m just curious if people actually visit to try to see stuff going on?

    • jonellcolon says:

      I am thinking of going October 29th and 30th to the area. Will they be filming around?

      • Last year, which had the same number of episodes and a similar production beginning date, they filmed right up Thanksgiving, at least officially (there were still doing small bits afterward). With that in mind, then yes I believe they will still be filming in late October. In fact, they may even still be in Grantville (at the cemetery) then.

        • JasonM says:

          I was in Senoia today and tried to check out Raleigh Studios and I’ll tell you that they are still filming in the town in the next few weeks (according to City Hall and the guard at the gate).

    • fieldstur says:

      Yes people try to go near the sites. I live in Senoia and see them filming all the time and sometimes get tired of it. They block off the areas and law enforcement will not let you get past the checkpoints. We do occasionally see the actors in town.

  13. Breya says:

    They are set to film next week in Milner Georgia.about 10 minutes from me.ill see what I can see

  14. jfoust88 says:

    I believe they were in Raymond today. Not sure how long they will be there for. I pass by there on my way to work and saw those little yellow road signs, a ton of cars, flood lights, trailers, and the cops had Goodwyn Road shut down.

    The kids said other people on their school bus mentioned they were filming back there (their bus goes down Goodwyn in the mornings and the cops let them through.. I wasn’t so fortunate!)

  15. Maria says:

    I understand from another location website that they will be filming between 291 Pylant Street and Gin Street for five days sometime between Aug. 19 and Aug. 28. The exact days of filming are yet to be determined.

  16. Heather says:

    Anyone heard of where they are filming in the next couple of weeks? It has not been a good season to catch them filming so far (or at least when I was able to go). I’ve only seen them in Turin and Senoia and security was tight.

  17. R. Barry Green says:

    I was a Set Dresser for the entire first season of Walking Dead. We would roll onto set with giant carts of gack to dress out the sets. The very first day there was a box of doughnuts on the cart. In the back of my mind was the continuous “coffee” gag from Twin Peaks. I took it upon myself to start my own gag. Every set I dressed had some form of doughnut in it. It might be a box from Dunkin, it might be a single doughnut on a napkin, it might have a bite out of it, it might be rotting in the street… but they are there. Doughnuts. Everywhere. It’s the little details that make life so wonderful!

  18. Jason narmore says:

    Road closed last couple of weeks on Ga85 close to Haralson ! If you see bright yellow signs with a D and an arrow follow them

  19. cara Russell says:

    Hello! I have been in town a week with my boys, we saw road closings in 2 areas in Griffin, we have to head home tomorrow to fairbury Illinois, but if u or anyone knows if they’re filming in those spots tomorrow please let meknow we will stay to see it considering this is the 3rd year we have spent our vacation here with no luck :( I thing I planned it better this year since we didrun across some sites, BUT since its official now that God hates me! All were canceled due to weather! I would be. Grateful for help thanks

    • Taryn says:

      They were filming today in front of a barn on Rover Zetella Road west of Griffin. The road was closed to thru traffic, but I saw it this morning before they closed it off. I don’t think that they plan on being there more than today.

  20. Melissa says:

    Well thank you! I have put some feelers out and can’t get a response :) It’s only 45 min from me but of course I don’t know anyone on base anymore. Aggravating! But thank you :)

  21. Melissa says:

    Does anyone know if its true that they are filming at FT Stewart today and however long?

    • I haven’t heard that. In fact, secretive as they’ve been lately, I haven’t heard anything about them filming more than about 50 miles from Senoia itself. They’ve been primarily within about 25 miles of the studio recently from reports and sightings I’ve seen and heard.

  22. Tonya says:

    WHICH unless you are daring 😉 You can only see from the road! We did a drive by! I was wearing heels (or would have been daring)

  23. Kim says:

    I used to work in that building. That is the Norfolk Southern Railroad property.

  24. Mary Hudachek-Buswell says:

    The quarry is off of Rover-Zetella Road

  25. Hollye says:

    The 3rd photo of the caravan, S01E05_caravan003.jpg, is located in front of 2623 Peyton Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318. The marker on Google Maps is inaccurate and is 3 houses west of the actual address on street view. It is a pale yellow house with a green trash can and dark green mailbox. The mailbox was removed for filming, it appears, but that is definitely the house they drove by.

    • Fred Scheit says:

      Enter these co-ordinates in Google: 33.808036,-84.473397

      Zoom into Street View – this appears to confirm the actual location.

  26. Haley says:

    The middle photo of the caravan above? Is hwy 18 in Concord,GA? I know the 3rd photo (right) is in Atlanta off Hollywood Rd (30318) and I *think* the 1st is coming out of the quarry which is nearby so I’m very curious about that middle photo!

  27. Dale says:

    Middle picture almost looks like hwy 18 between Zebulon and concord. I can be wrong but it’s very familiar

  28. Bill Burditzman says:

    Well- that link went poorly-

    Search google maps for:
    Railroad Street, Haralson, GA

  29. Between seasons one and two, Riverwood Parkway was closed for filming for about a week.,-84.457119&spn=0.00342,0.005284

    I worked in the office building behind the Cobb Energy Center. Not sure what was filmed there, but I know it was closed for Walking Dead filming, between Cobb Galleria Pkwy and 41

    • I remember that. They did film there but that was part of the footage that was scrapped after Darabont left the show. The network said it was “unusable” or some such. I thought I remembered someone saying that footage would be on the S2 DVD set but I haven’t checked to be sure. They also went back to the Goat Farm, where the Vatos scenes were filmed, and that never showed up either. I was at that location the day they filmed and had pics of aftermath. Too bad it was never used.

  30. David says:

    Looks like Donald Lee Howell Parkway over by some junkyard.

  31. Danielle says:

    Hi! They are filming in Grantville again today and tomorrow at the old mill! :)

  32. Daniel says:

    2623 Highway 29 North, Newnan GA 30265 in relation to photo:

    Check along Highway 29N. The production/management team are located in Newnan, I believe

  33. Daniel says:

    My friend’s mom actually lives where they filmed thy that scene(they received the filming notice in the mail ). It is off of Luther Bailey year East Side Elem School.

  34. Byron says:

    does anyone know where in the episode nebraska 2nd season When Laurie goes looking for rick and hits a walker and runs off the road.

    • Unfortunately there aren’t any identifying landmarks there and that backroad looks like hundreds of others in that area. Unless someone saw them shooting there, it’ll be next to impossible to identify positively.

  35. derrik says:

    I may have stumbled upon the field where Shane sees the zombie in 18 Miles Out. I’m going to look at my pictures and video and compare them to the episode. I’ll confirm it and let you know.

  36. heather says:

    They will be filming tonight through 8-3 in downtown Senoia.

  37. HGT says:

    They filmed yesterday and last night in downtown Senoia.

  38. Steven says:

    Any word on where they are filming this week?

  39. Eric says:

    I know of some fliming loctions in Newnan. Do you want the location and Pictures? July 3 – 10/ 2012.

  40. heather says:

    They are filming on Main street in Senoia today July 10th. Not sure how long they will be there but the sign says until 10 PM, I think.

  41. Zach L says:

    They filmed today June 8th and yesterday June 7th. They had all of main street in Senoia, Georgia closed off with a huge “Zombie Proof” wall that was 12 ft high made of scrap metal and tires. Apparently it is suppose to protect a survivors colony. I met Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Sara Callies (Lori) walking on and off the set. Also, big news for Walking Drad Fans, Murrell is ALIVE and will be part of the 3rd Season. I saw him and shook hands with him a few times yesterday. If you don’t remember him, Murrell is the guy Rick hand cuffed to a pipe on the roof of a building in Atlanta in Season 1. Chandler Riggs (Carl) and Steven Yuen (Glenn) were also seen but not by me. I hope this helps some of you zombie fans.

  42. Daniel says:

    Very cool, thanks for posting! I am going to try to ride by that area(Reese Rd) tomorrow, but according to the newspaper, the road will most likely be closed. Fingers crossed!

  43. Richard Cole says:

    Updated photos at

    I missed the shooting taken at the deer cooler earlier in the day. They went across the street to the mercantile building for the evening shooting. Don’t know the context of the episode(s) but from I was able to gather this will be the location for scenes with Michonne and Andrea. and btw I saw Michonne =) (Pic #2, purple shirt, tan vest) Didn’t see any actual scenes being shot as they were all filmed inside. And I didn’t take too many (5) since with the huge popularity of the show they dont want any spoilers going out, so I am trying to respect that and didn’t ask too many questions, and just soaked it all in.

    I do have to say though as they wrapped up and we got to see a couple zombies walk by those guys in the special effects department do a wonderful job! (No pictures of zombies, that would be purely unprofessional and a little tacky to take pictures of dead people. )

    I did try and find out if they are going to do any public appearances, for the local public for autographs and photos, but have been unable to find out so anything so far. If anyone finds out anything it would be appreciated.

  44. Ryan says:

    Also, did you see any of the prison set when you stopped by Raleigh?

    • Richard Cole says:

      In order to go into Raliegh Studios you’ll need to get past the guard at the gate…. I didn’t even attempt to try. I have tried finding out if they do any public tours of the facilities but have not received any feedback as of yet.

  45. Ryan says:

    Awesome stuff Richard, thanks for the pics and updates! They’re filming at a house on Reese Rd in Sharpsburg tomorrow (5/8) and then possibly going to Newnan after that.

    • Richard Cole says:

      Yep I know exactly where the house is.. well kinda. Wife and I scoped out the road and found what I believe will be the location. The house has the same fencing as the fence surrounding Elder’s Pond and there is a small pond there as well. Didn’t attempt to take any photos of this location though as I am not 100% sure.

    • Thanks for the info, Ryan! I used your post in a Twitter update. I saw it somewhere else too, but can’t find it at the moment.

  46. Richard Cole says:

    Uploaded photos from local locations plus a couple shots of the Deer Cooler in Haralson that will be used in Season 3.

    • Richard Cole says:

      reports of shooting or setup down at the Deer Cooler today.. heading down to check it out. will update later. 5/7/2012

  47. junior blasengame says:

    if u want some good locations i’ve got several for ya to film @- barnsley gardens or mostellers mill in adairsville. maybe white and rydal would be good lcations aso pinei log/ folsom area all these plces are great. wide ope creepy walking dead settings and also if ya need an extra zombie im ur guy or ne info on these places

  48. Zach Lee says:

    Can someone please tell me where I can contact the head make-up artist Greg Nicotero. And by what I’ve been seeing and hearing, the are staying in the Senoia/Sharpsburg area. I love the show, but they ruined my deer hunting season. They filmed so many scenes really close to where I hunt and the blanks being fired would scare the deer.

  49. DD says:

    Thay are filming today off 54 and Gordon rd. beside white oak cemetary!

    • That’s not for The Walking Dead, that’s for a TV pilot from JJ Abrams.

      • LT says:

        I drove past that tonight too! I thought immediately of the walking dead. Its an old whitehouse and all the windows are all boarded up!

        • k.parker says:

          I have been informed that it was for the walking dead. Have friends that stoped and asked and they said the WD. I took pics but they have not really turned out very well but I am still goimg to post them to facebook. But i have been to all the other places this weekend from the previous filming and those are posted on facebook. When i get the rest uploaded I will post a link to it. I must say the waterfall on elders mill rd is beyond BEAUTIFUL!

  50. John Cunning says:

    I live within 2 miles of the waterfall where the gang set up campfire at the end of Season 2. I noticed tents going up and crews starting set ups about a mile from the waterfall today. Is Season 3 filming starting soon?

  51. Mandy says:

    Had a great time today with my kids checking out the sites where filming for Season 2 happened. Thank you to all who posted on the site!

  52. Kristina says:

    Anybody noticed any new buildings have popped up? I’m guessing they are building the prison onsite,…60 local carpenters could do it .

  53. Liz says:

    The season finale where Rick and the remaining bunch stop in the road next to a waterfall was filmed on Elders Mill Road in Senoia, Georgia. It is less than one mile from the intersection of Elders Mill and Gordon Road.

  54. russ says:

    another great place i wish they would consider is McIntosh reserve in south carroll county, beautiful place on the chattahoochee river go there often no one ever around, wooded areas, open fields, many filming areas that could be utilized.

  55. Annie Winder says:

    I just realized that you are filming in Ga and I though you might consider the South Canton GA area. I have lived here for 7 yrs and have noticed various locations for filming. There is a road called 140 (Arnold Mill) which is from Roswell Ga to Canton Ga which has many different areas of interest.

  56. Chelsea Neal says:

    I’m not sure If you’d like this picture of it or need it, but i noticed that for the Rooftop Scenes you don’t have a physical picture of the roof on your site since you can’t get up there. I went to Atlanta on a Walking Dead Adventure of sorts and noticed that on the wall of that building they have an aerial view of all the buildings with the Rooftop Scenes building as the centerpiece. I took a picture of it just so I could have a clear picture of the roof since Merle getting handcuffed was one of my favorite scenes.

    That is the URL for it on my facebook page.

  57. Kelly Horne says:

    I have lived in Ga my entire life that is a lot of Ga 41 years. Let me know what types area you need and I can help. Try some of the placed below :)
    White Ga in Bartow county
    Villa Rica, Ga “city of gold”
    Cave Springs , GA
    Lindale, Ga
    Silver Creek, Ga
    many more let me know I would love to help!

  58. Sam says:

    Mid-way through the “Nebraska” episode, the shot of Rick & Glenn riding down a street of a small town is the town of Haralson, Georgia, on the southern edge of Coweta County, just 5 miles south of Senoia, down GA 16. The large brick building on the left side of the street is the General Store, built in the 1800s with additions later.

    Just as the scene cuts away, when the truck passes the camera, if you freeze the right frame, you can barely see the old cotton gin which was the home of Empire cotton seed.

    This town and the General Store building is also a location for the film coming out around Labor Day, “The Wettest County in the World”, starring Gary Oldman, Guy Pearce, Jessica Chastain, Tom Hardy, Shia Laboeuf and Mia Wisakowska.

  59. Stephany Cross says:

    The area of Arabia Mountain would make a fabulous location. It’s very close to Atlanta and consists of mountains of granite that can be easily walked up and around. Scenes from “Pet Semetary 2″ were filmed there. A great scene would be zombies coming over the hill towards the “living” group.

  60. Stephany Cross says:

    My resolution on facebook for 2012 was to be a zombie on “The Walking Dead”. I live in Atlanta and will do whatever you want-nothing is too gross!! Please help me make my dream come true.

  61. Ryan Y says:

    The elementary school in the flashback scene is Peachtree Elementary on Wisdom Road in Peachtree City, GA. I wasn’t able to watch them film, unfortunately, but did go by and see the trailer and set up. Hope that helps!

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  63. Stephanie Brown says:

    I love this show. Try Macon, GA.

    The old Miller Middle School. Excellent location and its creepy enough by itself.

    Good luck^^

  64. Martha baird says:

    I wish someone would find out where the fishing scenes and the beautiful blue water are….:)

  65. Krimsen says:

    They have been shooting the church scenes for season 2 in the neighborhood directly in front of my mom’s house. It is located on McDonough St. in Hampton. I believe it’s a church of god. The only picture I have been able to get of the actual set so far is when they were cleaning up. If you would like pictures of the church, I have extremely easy access since I go to my mom’s on a weekly basis.

    • Thanks for the info, Krimsen. I wonder if this is where they were staging while filming out on Hwy 20. I know they were there a couple weeks back for a few days. If you have any pictures, we’d love to see them!

  66. Brent says:

    Here are a couple of pictures from what is supposed to be episode 7 of season 2. This is the area where Shane and Andrea are searching for the little girl.

    I will post up other pictures of the filming soon. Also if you want the location of the neighborhood for google maps here it is. And feel free to use the pictures for the website.,-84.549944&sspn=0.001692,0.002283&vpsrc=6&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Emerald+Way+%26+Victoria+Terrace,+Senoia,+Coweta,+Georgia+30276&ll=33.315505,-84.549998&spn=0.001692,0.002283&t=h&z=19

    • Thanks a lot, Brent! Is this the Hutchinson Cove subdivision I heard about back in July / August? I was wondering when that place was going to show up. I appreciate the info, the pics, and the link.

  67. russ says:

    alot of footage shot at cochran mill park in south fulton county off of south fulton pkwy. waterfall and alot of creek and woodland footage shot there

  68. andrew says:

    The drug store where they went on sundays episode (and the boy got lucky) : ) was downtown sharpsburg, between Senoia and Newnan

  69. marie says:

    They filmed some scenes on Pimento Ave. in Griffin a few weeks ago. Not sure what they were used for.

  70. Ryan says:

    I’ve finally found the location for Hershels Farm.

    3564 on Hwy 85 in Senoia. The land is massive, so you won’t be able to see anything unless you’re desperate, geared up in camo and hiked threw the surrounding woods.

    The land connects to Raleigh Studios Atlanta which is where TWD Productions is stationed until November (when shooting wraps). The studio is located on Chestlehurst Rd in Senoia.

    I’ve found alot of locations, but this one took me a while. This is basically the Quarry of Season 2, this is where all the main filming is going down.

  71. Troy says:

    They were filming on Friday night in a open field off Luther bailey Road in Senoia, Georgia!! Looked pretty cool!

  72. Ryan says:

    The alley way and retirement home in located at Edgewood Ave & Wm Holmes Borders Dr SE

    (This is the hospital location on Wheat St) AMC posted a new video of this set.

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  74. Chopper Guy says:

    Filming for The Walking Dead is currently shooting on Hwy 20 near Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton. Flew over the site this morning, check out for pics of the scene, sorry for the quality.

    • TWD Locations says:

      Thank you for the info as well as the pics, Chopper Guy! With your job I’d bet you have the chance to see some pretty interesting stuff from the air. From the pics I’ve seen of the site today, it looked like complete chaos (for the scene that is).

  75. elwood blues says:

    did a few scenes….I think you have covered them…

    some one did a google map of most everything……if I can help , I will…

    it was a great time working….heat…blood…zombies…what more could you want!!

    AMC treated us great!!

    • TWD Locations says:

      Thanks for the offer, we really appreciated it! These two locations are the only ones, I believe, that we don’t know of yet. The others are a couple of the locations the cast were driving by heading from the quarry to the CDC.

      Please do keep in contact with us if you know of any other locations or have any info on the upcoming season, and thank you for stopping by!

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