Grantville, GA Tour – Updated Information

I’ve passed information along in the past about the tour conducted in Grantville, GA by Mayor Jim Sells.  I’ve received some updated information from Mayor Sells about the tour days and times and wanted to pass them along to anyone who’s planning on visiting.

Here’s the updated days and times courtesy Grantville, GA Mayor Jim Sells:

Schedule Change. We are still having fun and big crowds but I can no longer handle 5 days a week. New tour hours are Fri, Sat, and Sun at 6:30 and is free. We are still showing the “Clear” episode in Station 22 Restaurant (next to Morgan’s apartment) at 5:30.

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5 Responses to Grantville, GA Tour – Updated Information

  1. michelle says:

    I cannot wait !!! We are going down Saturday Sept 14th !!! Can’t wait to meet the mayor

  2. Destiny says:

    According to their Facebook page, they’re doing two tours now because the crowds were too big for just the one tour on each of the three days.

  3. Kevin says:

    Is Morgan’s apartment open during the week? I’ve planned a trip down there in August, but during the week, so I might have to skip Grantville now.

    • Kevin, even if its not open, Grantville is not far to drive to from any of the other locations and there is enough to see/take pictures of to make it worth your while. I went through there in March and spent like 15 minutes there, took a pic of the street, the building, the cafe, the “baby store”, etc. but you might be able to get in the building.

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