Google Maps Updated

For those who are interested in finding your own way to the various shooting locations, we’ve updated our TWDL Google Map to include all currently known locations through the eighth episode of season two, “Nebraska”.

We’re still looking for info about the school seen in Lori’s flashback where Shane comes to tell her Rick had been shot.

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5 Responses to Google Maps Updated

  1. Linda says:

    the school is Peachtree Elementary School in Peachtree City, Georgia (scene for Carl’s school with Shane and Lori)

  2. Aaron says:

    but if you’re driving an ambulance 100mph… can you save a gunshot victim in 37 minutes?? maybe thats why he slipped into a coma.

  3. Aaron says:

    i don’t think Rick could have survived an hour’s trip to the hospital…

  4. daniel labs says:

    Are u ever going to shoot film in nebraska

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