Glenn And Maggie Go Shopping

In the latest episode, “Hounded”, we saw Glenn and Maggie go shopping for supplies for the baby. They came across some other valuable items during their trip as well. However, their trip was abruptly cut short by Merle who happened across them as they were talking, took Maggie hostage, then forced Glenn to drive all three of them back to Woodbury.

Pics and more after the cut….

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This scene was filmed at a small roadside shop area around 9 or 10 miles south of Haralson, GA near Gay, GA.   A big Thank You to Byron who was able to get a shot of the area on the day they were filming back in July.  He mentioned they wouldn’t let anyone nearby watch filming so he stopped back by a couple weeks later for more pics.  Aside from some trash in the parking lot and some boarded up windows, the crew didn’t have too terribly much to do to this location.

Location Trivia:

This location is also, oddly enough, about 10 miles north of the real Woodbury, GA.  You could easily drive through all three towns (Haralson, Gay, Woodbury) on the same road, GA 74/85, which also goes just to the east of Senoia, GA, and right past the driveway of the property where Hershel’s farm from season two is located as well as the entrance to the property where the helicopter crash scene was located.  All of those locations can be seen, from the seat of your car, on one road, in a 25 mile stretch and it would take you about half an hour.  In fact, off the top of my head, I think between all of these locations you’d encounter one, maybe two, traffic signals.

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16 Responses to Glenn And Maggie Go Shopping

  1. Casey says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. I knew about Senoia, but I didn’t realize there actually is a real Woodbury, GA.

    • You’re welcome. Yes, there is indeed a real Woodbury, though it’s not nearly as scenic in my opinion as Senoia is. That, coupled with the studio being in Senoia, and it’s easy to see why they just used it in place of the real Woodbury.

  2. Casey says:

    Did you mean this location (shopping center) is South (not North) of the real Woodbury?

    • No, this shopping center is in Gay, GA, or just to the north of it actually. It’s about 8 or so miles north of the real Woodbury. It’s about 16 or so miles south of Senoia, the fictional Woodbury.

  3. Fred Scheit says:

    The parking lot in front of Runyan Auto & Tire did not actually appear in the show?

  4. todd says:

    We went to Gay, Georgia to take several pictures of the location where Maggie and Glenn get kidnapped by Merle. Now, the strip mall is occupied with stores; such as General Store and a Taxidermy shop.

  5. Lisa says:

    I was in Senioa yesterday and met Norman and Steven right behind Broad St. .They were there to film the season finale in Woodbury. Such super nice guys!

  6. rebe says:

    do you know how to get to the warehouse they are filming in? and if theres any chance of seeing the cast there?

    • todd says:

      Are you referring as the “warehouse” as the “filming studio”? If you are trying to get see the actors at the studio, then you will be unable to get onto the property and they have several signs posted saying “No trespassing”.

  7. beanice says:

    I wonder if anyone found that spot where Merle pursues after Michonne?

  8. beanice says:

    Take a self guided tour of the Walking Dead locations.

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