Filming on Hwy 20 in Hampton, GA

We received these photos Sunday, November 6th of location being set up in preparation for filming. This is the same area which was used back during the summer to film the roadblock scenes we’ve been watching over the first several episodes of the second season. Filming at this location is supposed to last through November 9th but we don’t have any information about what types of scenes are being filmed.

Thank you to Twitter follower @c0ast3r_fan for passing these images along to us and also mentioning that if this is indeed for AMC’s The Walking Dead, it’s a bit smaller of a setup than they had back during initial filming at this location.

(Click images to enlarge)

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5 Responses to Filming on Hwy 20 in Hampton, GA

  1. Steph Shepherd says:

    They were filming on 19-41 next to my kids day care you could park there and watch they were under the bridge you could also park at doller gen and watch.

  2. Conna Smith says:

    I saw the filming today in Hampton. They seemed to be filming alot of Daryl riding his motorcycle. T-Dog was also there, walking around. There seem to be new people driving vehicles. I noticed the Blue truck, chevy, I think being driven and a SUV and Darly leading them. They did that a lot.

    • Thanks for the eyewitness report, Conna! Well, if they’re filming those two this late, then I’m going to cross my fingers they’ll be around a good while longer. Sounds like maybe they’re filming some end of the season stuff if everyone’s in vehicles out on the highway again. Interesting.

    • Jason says:

      How close were you able to get? If they are still filming tomorrow before lunch, I may try and stop by – I had to take a half day to take my son to the Orthodontist. Was there a good spot to try and get close enough to see anything? Did anyone give you any grief about being there? Used to have some connections to law enforcement in the area, but I doubt that would help in this specific situation anyway…

      • Conna Smith says:

        I was about 1/2 mile away. I had to use binoculers to see but I could see. If you turn left at the red light, there’s property for sale on the right, thats as close as I could get and belive me I tried everywhere. If you dont have a truck, I wouldnt try it. There’s also a place if you turn right at the light and go a little ways and your left there’s a kinda road, I went half way up and then it the really got thick and I was worried I’d get stuck. I would love to try that way, cause its on that side of the road where they’re at, but I didnt want to have to call my husband and tell him I got stuck. I would bring binoculars. Post on here if you go. I think I read somewhere that the road was going to be open at 4pm. I may try and go after I drop my son off at HMS. Good luck!

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