Filming Locations From S03E05

I have several locations from episode five of season three of AMC’s The Walking Dead, titled “Say The Word”, to cover in this post so let’s just jump right in.  I think by now everyone knows about the prison and Woodbury and where those scenes are filmed.  There are also more and more pictures coming out of Woodbury (Senoia) this week as filming is taking place there all week.  If you don’t already, follow us on Twitter as I pass along any photos there which are shared.  There are many fans in the area this week watching filming and hopefully we’ll be passing along more photos soon.  The prison set is still inaccessible as it’s on the studio lot but if anyone talks to Glen Mazzara or Gale Anne Hurd, put in a good word for us and hopefully we can get some closeup shots.

Now, on to the other locations from this episode.

After Michonne dispatched their pet zombies at the arena, the Governor sends Merle and Franken-Milton to a large field where they had a trap set up to capture more zombies.

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This field is located across the street and north of the house we saw Rick and the other survivors inhabit for a brief time in the season three premiere.   Thanks to fellow fan Robert S, we have pictures of this location from back in early July.  At the time we had no idea if this was even really for The Walking Dead as we couldn’t figure out what this would possibly be used for.  Because of that I didn’t post the photos at the time but now that we know what it is, here are Robert’s pictures from that field in Turin, GA.

I’ll have this location (as well as all others from this post) pinpointed on our Google Maps within the next day or so, although I drove by the field about a month ago and from what I could tell, everything has been returned to pre-filming conditions.

Next we saw Daryl and Maggie on a supply run for Lori’s baby.  They come across what appears to be an old day care and Daryl is even able to nab some lunch while in the house.

This location is actually a disused day care.  It’s on property owned by Sonrise Baptist Church in Newnan, GA.  Thanks to Daniel (@dlewis_101) we have a couple of photos from this location as they were filming back in late June.  Daniel’s photos below also show just how much production it takes to facilitate a shoot even as apparently small as this one was.

Some portions of Daniel’s email message describing the location and just how close he was allowed to get to the filming:

It is an abandoned daycare that belongs to the church.  The location/set crew really did an amazing job transforming it into its post zombie apocalypse state.  There were several cars with weeds growing over them, limbs down everywhere and just a general state of disarray.  I didn’t see any walkers but I did see Norman and Lauren (Maggie).

They were filming outside first and they were kind enough to let us watch the scene being filmed.  And they actually let is get very close, so close that we could hear the actors speaking!  The first scene was Daryl riding in on his bike with Maggie on back.  Nothing spectacular but still cool nonetheless.   The second scene involved Daryl […] and Maggie entering the daycare by breaking out a window and crawling in. The rest of the scenes we’re being filmed inside so we left after that.

You can see Daryl’s bike, the weed infested vehicles, and the daycare itself. If you look closely, you can see Maggie(wearing the backpack) standing in front of the window, just to the left of the light.  Daryl is harder to see, but he is standing to the left of Maggie underneath the small tree.

Prior to Michonne leaving Woodbury, she has a confrontation with the Governor where she holds her sword to his neck.  Personally I think she should have saved herself some future trouble right then and there, but then we wouldn’t have such an interesting show.  Regardless, here’s an outside shot of the building in Senoia, GA where that interior scene was filmed.  Thank you to Dani (@danibrat) for sending me this photo.

Finally we have the arena.  We first experience the arena with Michonne after she retrieves her sword and enters it after exiting the Governor’s office.  We later see the arena as the Governor accompanies Andrea there to witness the fighting between Merle and Caesar while surrounded by chained zombies.

This location is also in Newnan and is known as the Caldwell Tanks location.  I’m unsure if this area is still used by Caldwell Tanks but that’s how it was referred to leading up to shooting and since.  Almost every fan who went to watch shooting at this location said that very little needed to be done to transform this area.  They simply added zombies and a few set pieces.  Everything else is exactly as it normally looks and more than one person who sent pictures in said looked inherently creepy.

Here’s a shot of the Governor and Andrea leaving sent in by Ben (more of Ben’s pics at the links below).  This was taken from a public sidewalk near the site.

Rather than re-posting all of the pictures I received from filming at this location, I’ll link to them below.  I’d really like to send a huge Thank You to all of the fans who went to the Caldwell Tanks location to take pictures back in June and July.  Many of these night photos you’ll see were taken during all hours of the night with some fans staying on site until near daybreak as this shoot took place all night long.  Click the links below for more photos of this location both during daylight and night.

Set Photos From Newnan

Photo Sharing (5)

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26 Responses to Filming Locations From S03E05

  1. Walker says:

    Merle And Milton Capture Some Zombies

    S03e05 Zombie Pitt

    Map location is in the wrong Field, its 200 meters North, you can see the pitts on Google Earth older images…

  2. Newnan citizen says:

    Tank field i live in newnan and I think that where they r filming hunger games mocking jay but I also have heard nothing about them stoping and the show use it

  3. matt says:

    Is the arena still in place and are ppl able to tour it? We will be in atl in July and would love to see it

  4. Casey says:

    Was the location of the zombie traps ever added to the Google Map page? I couldn’t find it.

  5. Adam says:

    Oh and do the Actors still go to Senoia and hang out and eat or whatever when they are not actually filming scenes inside Senoia itself anymore? Has there been any sightings? Also does anyone hear if the Show will continue at the Studios nearby or if it will move to Washington as in the Comic Book? I know the Show is very faithful to authenticity and have been very good at doing this and actually filming scenes in Atlanta where the Story is set and in the past productions havent always filmed at the location that its supposed to be set at and thats why I was wondering this?

    • Raim95 says:

      Hershel was the grand Marshall at the Senoia parade. He has also been arrested for DUI in peachtree city. I believe he is from this general area but I’m not 100% sure. I’ve never seen any of the other actors in the area when they aren’t filming.

      Also in our newspaper today, it is mentioned that Season 4 will also be filmed in Senoia- so once they start back up it will be in this area again.

  6. Adam says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the tyre wall of Woodbury (Senoia) and where it is now?

  7. eddie says:

    I think they are still doing something. One of the local food trucks posted they are going to be on the set tonight.

    • Christy says:

      Tomorrow is supposed to be their last day of filming until Feb. They are wrapping up at the studio/prison. From what I hear no one is allowed anywhere near :(

  8. Carrie says:

    I was wondering were they were going to be filming at next?? Thanks

  9. Christy says:

    They are still filimg in Senoia. Today they are filimg interior shots and tomorrow they will be outside again. They are filming from 7am to 7pm (give or take) Wednesday will be night filming and the end time is never definite. I was there on Friday (11/16) and they didn’t wrap up until about 1:15am. Got to meet Andrew though. Was super excited about that!!

  10. Kasey says:

    a friend came down from MN to hang out for the weekend and we are at the coffee shop in Senoia, watching the south end of the compound. Rick has come out a few times to sign autographs. heavy security and no loitering but you might get lucky and see a few of the main characters who are here this week filming.

  11. Jackie says:

    Was in Senoia today on business. Wasn’t able to look around much but they had Main Street blocked off and the sign said it would be closed through the 20th. I plan on going back tomorrow and/or Monday to have lunch and see what I can see!

  12. Peggy says:

    Do you know if filming tomorrow in senoia and time? We live a few hours away but want to take my son

    • Raim95 says:

      They were this afternoon when I went to the post office. The filming has been extended to the 16th but I’m not sure what time.

  13. Nice, thanks for the clarification RAIM. I wasn’t sure because in all the discussion and photos I’d seen for the site, no one had ever mentioned it.

  14. RAIM says:


  15. RAIM says:

    Caldwell Tanks is still open. I live in Senoia (2 blocks from their downtown filming location). I’m in Newnan several times per week and Caldwell is still operating. I’m not sure if they have an unused building or if they actualloy shut down work for the das they were shooting the arena scenes.

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