Drone View Of Woodbury And The Prison

I shared this over on Facebook but wanted to post the video here as well.  It isn’t mine, but it’s a video (posted by Corey Philbrook) showing a drone’s eye view of Woodbury, the prison, and if you look very closely, Herschel’s farm.

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5 Responses to Drone View Of Woodbury And The Prison

  1. Herd11 says:

    So the dirt rd to hersh’s farm. Is there like no trespassing signs or can u jus drive by it? Could always say made a wrong turn or was looking for someone’s house if u get questioned.

    • No, there’s no access to the property from public roads that isn’t gated. From the studio side it’s guarded and gated. I’ve spoken with the owners and they will call the police if they see anyone.

    • Bradley Baudelaire says:

      When I went..they had a gate up so you couldn’t even drive down the road..there was a road next to it that I drove down to see if I could just stop and cut across in the woods..but that turned out to be someone’s driveway..and they have No Trespassing signs all over the place..I hear the people that own Herschel’s farm are pretty strict about enforcing the No Trespassing as well..so be careful if you try

  2. Greg H. says:

    Wow, the whole prison set has been torn down already!

  3. Wascar Santos says:

    That is freaking awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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