Daryl Takes A Tumble And Sees Someone Unexpected

In the fifth episode of season two, “Chupacabra”, Daryl is out on horseback searching for Sophia when a snake crosses the horse’s path causing it to throw Daryl. Daryl goes down a waterfall and ends up in a small pool at the bottom. Suffering blood loss from being impaled by his own crossbow bolt as well as another fall down a second hill, Daryl encounters his brother only to find it’s a hallucination and there’s a much larger threat for him to deal with.

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These scenes were filmed at the Cochran Mill Nature Center in Palmetto, Georgia. Though this is private property, it is open to the public and therefore anyone can visit the location. Though there isn’t much land to work with, the production team made this location appear much, much larger on television than it is in person. If you plan to visit this site I would advise that you arrive early (they close at 3PM EST), wearing comfortable hiking footwear (the waterfall is around 1/2 a mile or so from the parking area), and bring some water to drink during the walk. The footpath back to the waterfall area is well maintained and easy to follow though it is hilly and loose terrain. It’s a beautiful location to spend a while exploring for sure.

I’m also fairly certain that many of the outdoor scenes we’ve seen this year (the hanging zombie campsite, searching for Sophia, etc) were also filmed in this same general area. ¬†However, since the daylight goes away rather quickly in Georgia this time of year, it was next to impossible to safely explore the surrounding area on the day I visited.

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  2. ed says:

    This area of the falls is actually about 4.5 miles hike to the NE sects of the park. Used to home back there a lot as a teen. It is beautiful and secluded.

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  4. The soil and water were deemed toxic and, to this day, nothing can be grown in the surrounding area.

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