Daryl Looks For Sophia And Finds Signs Of Life

In episode four of season two, “Cherokee Rose”, Daryl goes out on his own to look for Sophia and comes upon an old, rundown house.  After searching through the house he finds some food which looked like it had be consumed recently as well as some bedding in a closet, but no Sophia.  After exiting the back of the house, Daryl finds a Cherokee Rose which he decides to take with him back to Sophia’s mother, Carol.

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The house used in this scene is located on W. McIntosh Road in Rover, Georgia. The house appears to be in okay condition structurally, though it is in disrepair aesthetically. The windows and doors are all boarded up and the surrounding areas are overgrown. This same house was mentioned in an article in Atlanta Magazine back in September as well:

Two weeks later, I’m walking up to an abandoned house, somewhere close to Senoia. I’m here with Bill Gierhart, the director of an episode in season two; Mike Riley, the location manager; and Gregory Melton, production designer. This is a location scout. They all stand together, in this field stricken with weeds, studying the old house, trying to figure out how to do it justice. Melton spotted this place one day while coming around the bend. He stopped his rented SUV as though he’d just been presented a kind of revelation. He knew as soon as he saw it. He parked in the field, took out his cell phone, snapped a picture, sent it to Darabont, said, “This house has to be in The Walking Dead.” Darabont agreed with his childhood friend and wrote it into this episode. After measuring its dimensions, they are now trying to figure out how the characters will get inside; the windows and all but one door are completely boarded up.

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Here are some shots today from the location. You can really tell in these pics just how quickly the foliage disappears once the weather turns cold here in Georgia. All of the windows and all but one door are completely boarded up so it wasn’t possible to get interior photos of the location, though I was able to stick the camera under a bit of screen door and get a couple pictures of the foyer area, which is where Daryl first entered. After looking in the back yard, however, I was unable to locate any Cherokee Roses.

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22 Responses to Daryl Looks For Sophia And Finds Signs Of Life

  1. Teresa Clark says:

    I used to ride my horses around that house. It belonged to Dr. Washington who lived up the street from us, his mother lived there.This was way before they started boarding it up.

  2. annegallardo says:

    I just want to ask if they just shot there without any permission?

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  4. connie goodman says:

    Was the property cleaned up for the shoot? I remember a very large dead tree in the front of the house making it impossible to drive into the yard. Always wanted to see the inside but too freaked out by what I might find.

  5. Brian Vickers says:

    While taking pictures of the house this weekend, a local stopped to ask what I was doing on the property. He said the house is 150 years old and to be careful of the sunken in areas around the yard where wells used to be. Creepy looking place.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I grew up less than 2 miles from this house and always wondered what the inside looked like. It always seemed so creepy to me. I was so excited when I saw it in the television series. Sad that the area was destroyed by the tornadoes, but luckly this house was missed.

  7. Daniel says:

    I stooped by today to take some pics and the side door was wide open. I peeked inside, and needless to say, that place is creepy!

  8. Nikki Wells says:

    This house is about a mile down the road from my boyfriend’s house. I believe the house was built in 1890. I didn’t recognize it when I watched the episode and until I found this website I had no idea any filming for the show had been done that close to his house, but I do remember him telling me about seeing a film crew there one morning when he was on his way to work.

  9. Anna says:

    I have lived in this immediate area for over 11 years and have always been interested in this house. I was so glad to see it spared after the recent tornado destruction this past spring. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I spotted it while watching the Cherokee Rose episode. My mouth dropped, and we immediately rewound and replayed the entire scene. Did the owner tell you any history of the house? I’ve always wondered how old it was, and what kind of history it has. Seeing the inside shots during the episode was wonderful for me, because I had always wondered what it looked like on the inside.

    • I was surprised to see so much tornado damage in the immediate area when I drove by to get the pics. That house wasn’t far from a lot of destruction for sure. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to talk to anyone about the history of the house as no one was in the area when I was there. Too bad because, like you, I’m interested in its history as well. From what I could tell, they production crew basically took the plywood off the windows and doors and shot with it as it was. The same chair is even in the foyer.

      • Sandra says:

        Did you do any cleaning to it before filming. I’ve been in this area for over 22 years and that house has never changed. It’s always looked vacant and perhaps even haunted. I would imagine from the looks of it, it dates back to the Civil War. There are numerous houses as well as graveyards from that time. Love seeing it in the show, way cool.

        • Well, I didn’t (I’m just a fan with no connection to the show, cast, crew, etc) but from the looks of it the production crew certainly didn’t either. I think this is one of those locations that someone liked the look of and decided to just shoot as it was. I think they just removed the plywood from the windows and doors and let the cameras roll.

  10. W. McIntosh Road, Rover, GA.

  11. carlo says:

    where is this location?

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