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  1. danny dickey says:

    I am a disabled vet father of 3 great girls. I was wandering if there was any way i could get them to the set of one of the filmings. It would mean the world to them and put me back in the cool dad statues since my injurys limit me from doing alot anymore. If so great. If you can not it ok. I am old soldier i heard no befor. Thanks
    Danny dickey.

  2. Danny says:

    Does ANYONE know the casting contact numbers, email, etc.? I saw a post on Project Casting but no contact info and I’m a frequent extra, double, and actor dying to get on there.

  3. Adrianna Phillips says:

    They have been filming in my neighborhood it is awesome! I love TWD! Dose anyone now how I can get autographs?

    • Carly says:

      When I saw them filming there were signs everywhere stating they can’t stop for photos or autographs. I was a tourists though so maybe with it being in your neighborhood the rules are different. If not I suggest either a comic con/convention atmosphere or the Walker Stalker cruise the is this coming January.

      • Julie Jackson says:

        It’s not different. When they filmed in front of my house they put people in my driveway to make sure I didn’t go out.

    • beth says:

      Where is your neighborhood? We are here from indiana!!

    • sarah says:

      Are they still in your neighborhood?

  4. WalkerKiller says:

    I have some awesome photos of them filming on May 6-8 down my road.

    • Tery says:

      I am in peachtree city till tomorrow and am not familiar with this area. Could you please send me directions on how I can find some of the walking Dead film sites?
      Thank you

      • Carly says:

        Hope I’m not to late in this. If you go to Senoia ( about 15 mins from Peachtree City) this is where Woodbury and Alexandria are. Main road that runs through Senoia is Woodbury and at the end of that road behind railroad tracks is Alexandria. I was just there on Sunday and they were actively filming. Can’t meet anyone but it was cool to see.

  5. Check

  6. Stephen says:

    I’m taking my family on vacation may 18th and would love to see where they are filming the walking dead in Georgia I really would love to take my family on a tour and hopefully meet some of the cast members any suggestions on where the best place to go would be thanks

    • John says:

      My family and I were just down there last week …. I think you are going to miss the filming by a week or so …. talked to another group of folks that actually talked to some of the people working in Senoia aka Alexandria .. and the cast was not due in for another 6 weeks or so ….

      • Carly says:

        I will be driving through GA with my family on June 18-19 and again June 26-27. Does anyone know if filming will still be taking place then? My daughter is a huge fan and we planned on stopping at some of the filming locations in previous seasons, but if she could see actual filming that would be a huge bonus.

        • Dani says:

          There is a good possibility. Keep checking as the dates get closer. They normally film May-November. Just know, you won’t get to see actual filming but you can stand at the barricades as long as they allow it. Meeting other fans, seeing the activity and a slight possibility of seeing an actor is exciting. Or you will get to say hi to security and that is it :) you never know. Still a great trip as Senoia is a fantastic place to visit.

    • sondra56 says:

      I have quite a few local friends and they all say filming starts the 1st week of May… So I think you will be just fine. You have to check out Senoia’s main street. Thats “Woodbury” and the Alexandria safe zone isnt far from there… like walking distance.

      • Julie Jackson says:

        You are right. They will be on my road in Senoia in the same time frame you just mentioned. I’m so excited!

  7. Gretchen hydr says:

    When will you be in the orlando area?

  8. curtis candiano says:

    The bike reminds me of a harley beull

  9. curtis candiano says:

    The bike reminds me of a harley davidson buell.

  10. How do you become an extra on WD? It would be an awesome adventure just to be a walker.

  11. Senoia, GA. The downtown area is what they used for Woodbury. Just south of downtown (within walking distance) is where “Alexandria” is but its all fenced off and only residents are allowed in. I was there and walked thru before they had all of the fence built but didn’t know that the time it was Alexandria. People still live there and they film around them etc. They usually do the filming in May thru July or so. Checkout for filming updates.

  12. Christine Wessell says:

    My husband and I are big fans of the walking dead.We are getting ready to take a motorcycle trip in a couple months would love to go and watch them film on location .would like to have information on where it’s at and if were allowed to go.Thank you !

  13. Walker says:

    Steve’s Pharmacy

    In episode 6 and 7 of the second season, Glenn and Maggie venture to a pharmacy near the farm in search of medical supplies.

    Its in episode 4 and 6 they venture to the pharmacy, not 6 & 7…:)

  14. Melanie Pressley says:

    Hello I live in Hampton & saw where they are filming. Am I allowed to watch?
    Thanks for any info you can give me. Melanie

  15. Ciara says:

    I really want to see the set of the walking dead!

  16. Lizz says:

    Hi there. I believe they are done filming. I think the only chance you can meet him until they stay filming again in May is at a convention. He makes appearances frequently. I met him in Atlanta in October and he is THE NICEST!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

    • axollot says:

      You’re quite correct about about meeting him at a convention. We’re in Florida just north of Orlando and attended MegaCon a couple of weeks ago. My daughter is turning 12 soon. The grans and I conspired together to take her for an early birthday present. She got a photo w/Norman and a hug. Think she’s still on cloud9 somewhere. I thanked him, shook his hand. He does seem nice though time was restricted and lines were long. Daughter was lucky her grandmother’s walker – lol – actually had us put to the front of all lines w/VIPs. phew. She brought it for the lil seat in the event she was waiting in line for hours.

  17. Rachel Lyn says:

    I’m dying to meet Norman Reedus and will be in Georgia this week. Anyone have any suggestions?

  18. Victoria says:

    Any idea if they’ll be in Senoia on Monday the 20th? Do they shoot early in the day?

  19. eRiC says:

    Visiting Atlanta area 10/1 & 10/2 and advice for getting dead?

  20. Abi says:

    TWD meet and greet tickets in Atlanta in November?!?!

  21. Bobbie says:

    Does anyone know where they will be Aug.30 , will be in area and 11yr old loves show

  22. Iris Alvarado says:

    Anyone know how to get a signed picture or a birthday video gram for my daughters Sweet 16 this December, she’s a die hard fan and just loves Steve Yeun’s “Glenn” character.. it would SOOO make her day!!

  23. Courtney Taylor says:

    Does anyone know of them filming today august 20 2014? Thank you!!

  24. LULY says:

    Hi I need to know for the NYCC 2014 in what hotel they staying? please, thanks.

  25. Julie B says:

    Is the cast filming on July 31 or August 1? If so where?

  26. emily says:

    Hey what about Columbus Georgia we have plenty of creepy buildings

  27. Jeff Fetty says:

    Come to southern ohio!!! We have about 500 acre farm that has ponds river n woods!! Come get dead here!!!

  28. elysia says:

    Where will the walking dead be filming tomorrow
    July 9th?

  29. Patti says:

    We will be staying in peach tree city July 10-11. Planning to go see Senoia. Where else should we go in hopes of catching a glimpse of cast or crew?

  30. Tracie says:

    We just watched some filming in Griffin, Ga yesterday and today. My boyfriend’s son snapped a pic of “Glenn” yesterday an I was able to snag one of some walkers today!

  31. Chris&Amber says:

    Does anyone know where and when upcoming filming locations in Georgia are for TWD??

  32. Chris&Amber says:

    Does anyone know the location of upcoming filming locations (June-Aug)????

    • Dani says:

      I haven’t seen anything yet. From what I have heard they are not currently filming at the Terminus or Griffin locations.

  33. Ariya Habibi says:

    In the landmark hotel in myrtle beach sc

  34. Miranda says:

    Can anyone share a good place to stay when in town visiting these locations? Planing a trip in May. Thanks!

    • Lizz says:

      I stayed at the Veranda Bed and Breakfast in Senoia durng my trip. We are going back in July and I booked it again! It’s right in the middle of “Woodbury”. The owners Rick and Laura are very nice.

    • Sondra says:

      I went there last August and stayed at the Best Western in Peachtree City, GA. Was only about 10-15 mins from the studio and Senoia. It was inexpensive and Peachtree City is VERY nice!

    • Fred Scheit says:

      I’ve visited the area twice, driving up from Florida.

      First time, stayed at Homewood Suites Macon-North, second time at Hampton Inn Fayetteville.

      Both these hotels were chosen after very extensive research, as I wanted a high standard of facilities.

      For Macon, I didn’t mind the longer drive (saw more of the beautiful GA countryside!), and the superior accommodations more than made up for that.

      Fayetteville is a short travelling distance, and the hotel was very good.

      If your preference is for cheaper accommodation, I would suggest Newnan and Griffin as a base – they both have the usual hotel chains there.

  35. Nicholas says:

    Hey guys. My name is Nicholas Mullins. I have a son Michael. I am very interested in being in the cast as Nicholas from the Alexandria safe zone. I would really like to send you headshots and a resume. Please email me I will stun the world if you give me a chance. I am currently an exterminator and need a life changer.

    • Dani says:

      If I could, I would cast you! Unfortunately, we have no affiliation with the show, we are just fans tracking the locations of where the show is shot. I would submit to Extras Casting Atlanta and Acting Auditions . Best of luck to you!

      • Hello, my name is Malena M. Kirby, I am 12 years old and I live in Union S.C. and here in Jonesville and Union(Spartanburg is a good place as well but,I have no idea how many places are shut down in Spartanburg)they are many places shut down and perfect for shooting for The Walking Dead.There is a closed Winn-Dixie store and many closed train trading areas as well as rest stops and old abandoned stores and also there is maybe around 5-15(possible)places in Jonesville that is closed down, like I mentioned earlier, many trading places like old convenient stores, train trading areas closed drug stores and grocery stores as well, also some of them have broken windows and bars on the doors (really cool and old looking). In Union SC there is ,well I don’t know how many places are shut down there’s probably around 10-25 places I am not sure but, I know there’s a lot of places that would be amazing to shoot and really it would be amazing for you guys could ride down and check it out. You can contact me on Twitter and Facebook.

  36. Joe says:

    I am trying to put our Mill in Lindale ( Lindale Mill) on the map for filming locations Or seeking the right film locator to hire.
    I’ve been told our site is larger (24 acres) than the Goat Farm with more available scene shoots.

    We have bridges, Large, Small creek, dam , smoke stacks, old brick buildings, open areas, treed area, half demo brick buildings, boiler building.

    Lindale mill originally build in 1895
    404 919 6119

  37. Walker Wellington says:

    Love this site! Could use a more contrasting icon for each of the main setting locations like the farm or Woodbury…had to sift through a lot of minor locations. Just absolute fun checking out the map since one of the better features of Walking Dead is the fact it has multiple locations.

    Keep it up!

    Would be cool if travel routes could be turned on/off. What roads will they be taking to D.C.?

  38. Sondra says:

    Security is VERY tight anywhere they are filming. Went there this summer. But it is super fun there! Have a good time!

  39. Kate says:

    In town for the day trying to find a filming location today anyone know where I should go

    • Dani says:

      From what I have heard, Turkey Creek road in the Newnan area. Tomorrow is the last day of filming (supposed to be anyway).
      Just so you know, security has been said to be very tight.

  40. Chris Thomas says:

    I wanted to thank you guys for this site. We have come from Alabama on several occasions to visit the sites. Actually playing around with google maps today, I believe I have located the barn that the governor walked past on last nights episode. This is the barn that has all the names painted on it . He actually uses the name Brian Heriot that was painted on the side. Here is the address: 537 Rover Zetella Road Williamson Ga. Just wanted to pass this along!

  41. Melissa King says:

    Hi, TWDL! I just want to let you know that filming is currently taking place on private property in Milner, GA on a gentleman’s property in overgrown pastures. It seems that downtown Milner is currently closed to the public for filming as well. I was told that filming in the pastures will be complete by Friday, October 18th.
    I would like to get in contact with someone from the cast and crew. My husband (a farm veterinarian like Hershel), 4-month old son (named Walker!) and I would love to take a picture with the cast and crew, but I can’t find any reliable contact information. Our last name is King…I didn’t even notice until recently that Rick worked for the King County Sheriff’s Dept. I posted to TWD’s Facebook timeline earlier, but I realize that I likely won’t receive a response. We are very close to all of the filming locations and can visit during filming breaks. Do you have any contact information for a reliable source within the immediate crew? We have too many connections to the show (location, career, name) to miss an opportunity to meet them and take a quick picture! Thanks for your help!!

  42. Alex Bohner says:

    I’d like to know wether or not the building that featured in the exterior shots as the prison in season 3 actually is a prison?

  43. elena4m says:

    Heading to “Woodbury” the week of August 19th. Anyone have sighting updates?

  44. Dean says:

    How could I be a zombie extra in the show or something please I would like to know thank you for your time.

  45. Christy says:

    We are coming this week to Senoia. Do you know if they are filming anywhere close?

  46. My sister and I were in Griffin, Senoia, and Grantville on the 26th. We were able to get shots of the “Big Spot” location in the parking lot, though they have everything torn down from the set now, and are building a carnival in the parking lot there now. Senoia was a joy, we had a nice talk with a local that pointed out some attractions, got a ton of good pictures, and heard some stories. Andrew Lincoln had been at the Senoia Coffee House the day before, and it seems the stars and crew frequent there. They were filming in Senoia that day, but not in the middle of town, they were on 2 sets, one we know was down the road a ways, but they had it blocked off. They had filmed a scene in Senoia a few days prior to our visit.

    *****SPOILER ALERT*******

    The scene they said was filmed was the Town Hall burning. I got pictures of the lot, but there wasn’t really much to see of it.


    The Grantville Tour is a must if you are a fan, even though it was just the one episode that was filmed there, the Mayor is a JOY and the tour is fun and informative… we got a few hints about the upcoming season there too!

    • Dani says:

      Sounds like you had a great trip!

    • Brad Flynn says:

      We visited Senoia and Haralson today and were not disappointed. It was neat seeing the real “Woodbury” and did our part to support the local economy by buying souvenirs at The Woodbury Shop and at the Fudge/Ice Cream shop next door. All the local shops have some sort of zombie themed items and it was fun seeing them all try to get TWD tourism business by peddling their “Zombie Spray” (pepper mace in the gun shop) among others!
      Asked many of the locals and no one seems to know where they are filming right now. The Woodbury City Hall is no more. Was told it was burned down as part of a S4 episode. Kinda disappointed because we wanted to have our pictures taken by the sign, but oh well!
      The fenced in lot by the post office where the Governor’s vehicles were stored is empty as well.
      After Senoia we drove the 5 miles to Haralson and visited the old mill. Was neat to see the familiar locations and the crew there are very friendly and informative.
      We will definitely return next year while they are filming in the hopes of seeing them actually shoot some scenes. Now that I am familiar with the locations, hopefully my chances will get better!

  47. Thanks for making this site such a wealth of TWD info! We are over from north Alabama (heading home tomorrow) and hope to ease around to at least 1 or 2 of the sites. It seems this is a VERY long shot, but being a photographer, I would love a shot of “The Prison” and maybe some of Woodbury in full show dress. What are my chances? I know it’s last minute and I may not even be able to read your reply before we head out IF you replied in time, but I’m going to try. My wife is an excellent negotiator, so I’m hoping my very legitimate-looking camera and her quick wit will make some magic happen. Fingers crossed. Thanks again for the site! Keep it up!

    • Dani says:

      You never know! Sorry, but the prison is on Raleigh Studio’s property and not open to the public (at all, they will make you turn around :) ask me how I know).
      If you have time you can visit Morgan’s apartment tonight in Grantville Senoia is a great town to walk around and do some shopping, get a bite to eat even without the Woodbury town hall :(

      • Jeremy "Taco" Patterson says:

        Thanks for the reply. Do you know in which areas they may possibly be filming? I know it’s day to day, so your best guess will be perfect.

        • Fred Scheit says:

          You would have to be very, very lucky to be able to catch any filming – they are so secretive this year!

          I would suggest for a flying visit, you have to include Senoia and Haralson.

          Grantville is always quoted as a must – mainly known for the “Clear” episode – but that was only really one episode.

          The scene in the old building where The Governor was chasing Andrea is also in the Grantville area, but not that accessible.

          If you have the time, head up towards Newnan – The Arena scene, etc.

          Check out the Google Map for an overview – you can decide what locations would work best for you to visit.

          Another point to consider is if you have genuine interest in the entire seasons to date – or just the recent Season 3.

          Seeing all locations over all the seasons would take a few days in order to do it thoroughly.

  48. Darian says:

    Is there any areas in georgia that they will be signing autographs in july?

    • Dani says:

      Nothing is scheduled. We find filming locations from fellow fans and they acquire autographs on their own. For example: when they filmed in Senoia, we waited by the barricades and the actors (very generously!) came over to take photos and sign autographs but that was before the show became so insanely popular. If you are interested in meeting some of the actors Walker Stalker Con is happening in November.

  49. ted says:

    Heard that filming in and about Senoia will wrap up in August. Would like to see Senoia decked out in full Woodbury mode. Anyone know when filming in downtown Senoia will take place?

  50. jean pierre says:


  51. MIGUEL says:


  52. MIGUEL says:


  53. Tonya says:

    PICK UP A BOTTLE OF ZOMBIE ZIN! :) About EVERY SHOP will have SOMETHING zombie! :)

  54. photographybymcintosh says:

    My husband and I are down right now. We got by the daycare, arena, Sharpsburg to the Pharmacy and bar then over to Senoia yesterday 6/12/13. It was 7pm by the time we reached Senoia but we asked around, snapped photos of the “town hall” storage lots and etc. Then up Chestlehurst Rd to Big Jakes and up to the guard shack of the studio where we were ran off and followed lol.
    One thing Ive noticed is all the studios property have identical No Trespassing signs. There is a building in Senoia I cannot place. The windows have been busted and boarded and doors pad locked. One wall is all stone and its covered in vegetation. It sits behind the bank on the corner of Travis and Baggerly. Anyone know?
    We are returning tomorrow and going to Grantville and surrounding. I currently have about 250 photos! I was pretty snap happy.

    • Dani says:

      Sounds like you had a great time. The building you saw is called the McKnight warehouse, they did film there last season.
      Not sure if it was confirmed, but if I remember correctly it was where Glenn and Maggie were held by the Governor, S3Ep7if it isn’t it sure looks like it.

      • photographybymcintosh says:

        Dani Ty so much! You rock! This is what I told my husband it looked like as well! We are back in Senoia right now since we did not get a chance to shop or pay patronage.

  55. christlyn says:

    I am planning on visiting Senoia Ga.(woodbury) sometime this june or july. Does anyone know the best time to visit? Will they be filming in Senoia in june or july for season 4?

    • Dani says:

      Last year, they filmed until November I think. We don’t have a filming schedule so it is hard to say when exactly, follow us on Twitter @TWD_Locations for the latest news.

  56. caseyflorig says:

    Does anyone have any contact information for the owner of the Farmhouse? We are pre-production of shooting a documentary and would like the opportunity to interview them.

  57. Marcel Buob says:

    Hey guys
    I`m from Switzerland and I love your website. Even I`m thousands of miles away your location map gives me the feeling like I`m a local. I know all the locations now. I call myself Switzerlands biggest TWD fan! Many thanks for your work. I really appreciate it!

  58. Alan Sullivan says:

    Hi, my little brother who is handicapped from muscular dystrophy wants to try to come catch some filming in the next couple weeks and possibly meet some cast members. were driving all the way from Houston,Tx because he cant fly with his condition if there is any info that anyone can give us so we can not make this a completely wasted trip that would be awesome thanks

  59. Alan says:

    Coming from Augusta next, next weekend (finally have a weekend off!). Just wanted to say thanks to this site for all the info making it a pretty easy weekend trip to plan. The google map is awesome. I can’t wait to see some of the sites, and maybe, just maybe catch some filming on a Friday.

    Also I loved it when the Augusta National got a shout out in Season three.

  60. Renata says:

    I’ll be visiting Senoia from June 4 – 7, coming from Brazil and I’ll be in Los Angeles for a while too.
    Is this a good time to see the filming locations or should I go in September?
    Any information will help.


    • Are you just coming to see the sites or trying to watch filming as well? If just coming to see the sites, I would recommend September. It’s rather hot and humid in central GA in June and the weather is a little nicer in September. Of course if you don’t mind the heat and humidity, either month is fine. The same would really hold true if you’re trying to see filming. It will all depend on where they’re filming and how accessible it is to the public. They don’t publish a filming schedule so I have no idea where they’ll be in either June or September this far ahead of time.

      • Renata says:

        Of course I would love to see some filming but I’ll be happy just being there and seeing some TWD locations.
        Thanks for the tips!
        It’s gonna be fun and I’ll make sure to share some pictures with you.

  61. Dale says:

    I’ve heard they will begin filming season 4 this month

  62. Jessie Evans says:

    I know you probably get the same questions over and over, but do you post ALL the information sent your way about filming? I visited several locations a couple of weeks ago (a HUGE thanks to you for making this possible!) and hope to go back during filming. I’d love to get a glimpse of Senoia actually dressed up like Woodbury! Do you have locals sending you updates when they get them about when/where filming will take place?

    • Yes, I relay all information I receive as quickly as possible. Some of the information comes from locals, some from other sources.

      Thanks for the comments, I”m glad the site helped you find some of the locations!

  63. le says:

    Just drove through downtown Newnan and all of the production trucks are parked near the arena. We couldn’t tell if they were shooting tonight or preparing to shoot in the morning. Regardless, production for season four has begun!

  64. Brendan says:

    Isn’t the prison actually WEST CENTRAL ? located on County Farm Rd, Zebulon GA?
    600 Chestlehurst Rd is the studios

    Please fix your Maps up

  65. Stewart Mosman says:

    I want to be a zombie, how do I go about sending in an application or request. Im six feet, 190 . My son is 6 1 170.

  66. Amber Hoisington says:

    We visited several locations yesterday. I will submit photos later today. Of all the stops we made, Grantville was one of my favorites. “Clear” is a fabulous episode and almost all locations can be seen by visitors. Touring Morgan’s apartment with the Mayor of Grantville is a unique opportunity and a must for any TWD fan. We also had a delicious dinner at Station 22 Grill which is also owned by the mayor. You MUST stop in for a bite to eat while you are there.

  67. Leo says:

    Thanks man awesome job on this blog and great idea helping die hard walking dead fans find their way through the walking dead filming locations…..
    Say, have you ever thought of setting up maybe a Walking Dead tour? You could pick a day of the week and take payment from each person and just guide them on where to visit these area’s, almost like a tourist guide. I would pay some cash for that tour, you make it like a two hour trip around the different film area’s, and collect $100-150 per family….
    Would you consider that idea for when me my family and friends make the trip down there you would make an easy $300 just taking us around for a few hours to these spots since we’re not to good with navigation in your parts? And if not, do you know of tour guide that will meet us at a designated area for us to follow behind with our own vehicles???
    That would be awesome if you are some other entity could help me out to navigate these areas!

    • Fred Scheit says:

      If you’re arriving in the area on a Friday, as Dani says above, check out the Haralson (weekends only as far as I recall) and Grantville tours.

      Check out also:

      I recall they do 2 tours – 1 on a Saurday from central Atlanta, to the locations within easy reach of the city, and 1 on a Sunday from Senoia to many of the rural locations.

      Depending on what time you have, also hanging out in Senoia around the Coffee House, you will be sure to meet many TWD fans – you could get together there, ask advice, etc.

      For myself, I just programmed all the GPS co-ordinates into my Satnav, and also carried a print-out (available on a link – in right column of this website page) of the co-ordinates, put some great driving music on the car stereo – and had a blast!

  68. Leo says:

    Hello this message is to the site master:
    I am probably one of the biggest Walking Dead fans, I’m going through walking dead withdrawal now that season 3 is complete, I’ve been listening to the soundtrack to keep me at bay, lol, makes me feel like I’m actually part of the show, lol… I even put a Walking Dead Blog on my Business Website to have a constant reminder of the show!!!
    But here’s my question, I’m from Toronto canada and I’m planning on taking a road trip up to Florida this July with my family and we NEED to see as many filming areas as possible, the prison woodbury etc… What is the best easily accessible spots to visit, have you watched any of the action during filming and could I potentially watch the filming if I arrive while their in production???.
    Please get back to me with some Locations and means of getting up close and personal with The Walking Dead Productions anything that will give me my family and friends a wild time if we pass through the area on the way up to Florida , any info would mean the world to me and my family!

    • That sounds like a great way to keep track of the show coming back, though I imagine it’ll be a little depressing to watch until it gets into single digits. :)

      With the exception of the prison, which is on the studio lot, and Hershel’s farmhouse, you shouldn’t have any trouble seeing any of the filming locations from the show. The owners of the farmhouse don’t allow visitors and it sits far back off the road and isn’t visible from public property, I’m afraid. I don’t expect that to change any time soon. I don’t know which route you’ll be taking through Georgia but if you take a look at the Google Map I put together, that may help you decide on which locations you’d like to see that are along the route you’ll be taking. As you can see from that map, they’re fairly spread out, but I would definitely recommend trying to visit Grantville, Senoia, and Haralson. They’re all within 30-45 minutes of each other and are some of the more recognizable locations from season three.

      If you’re coming through in July, production should be in full swing. The only problem is knowing where they’re filming as you come through the area. Sometimes we know where they’re going to be and sometimes we don’t. Since the production team doesn’t put out a schedule, we have to rely on filming information from other sources (newspapers, filming notices sent in the mail, road signs, etc). Hopefully there will be more specific information in the weeks or days leading up to the time of your visit.

      I also have a new events calendar this season where I’m going to try and consolidate all filming information in one place for fans who plan to visit locations and/or try to see filming when possible.

      • Leo says:

        Hey there brother, congrats again on your continued success with the site, you are truly doing a great deed in helping us TWD fans find locations!
        I am finally close to making the trip up there and will be there Friday afternoon sometime from Toronto, do you have any interesting updates for locations that me and my family friends could check out on the Friday July 12 date that I will be arriving on? We would really love to get an autograph if possible.
        This is a once and a lifetime trip and I really didn’t want a minute of it to go to waste!
        Please reply as soon as you can as I will be leaving Toronto by car in less than 24 hrs…
        Thank you and warm regards,
        Leo and friends.

  69. Shay says:

    Me and my family are planning on driving down 1st thing tomorrow moring we live in n.w Georgia going to be about a 2 hr ride 4 us any tips on the Must see while we are there?thanks

    • I would definitely go through Grantville and then head over to Senoia. Those are the most open, accessible, and easily identifiable locations from the show this season. Plus, they’re only about 30 minutes, or so, apart from each other. Of course if you’re in Senoia, it’s only a few minutes south to get to Haralson where the feed mill is located. Those are three relatively close together locations you can see in an afternoon, easily.

  70. Charles smallwood says:

    The bar that Merle was out in front of is called southern comfort. I leave in Senoia an love this show its awesome that everyone is coming out to see our little town.i can take so pic for you of local places they shoot jus let me know.i do think march 6 they will start back filming.They film more than walking dead in Senoia too.

  71. Katie Ward says:

    I, too, am interested in information regarding season 4 filming dates and locations, as well as information for possible casting as an extra. I would love to be able to brag to my high school seniors about “What I Did on my Summer Vacation.”

  72. laci brewer says:

    i have a few questions and comments.
    okay so my name first off is laci brewer. im currently a photography student at Nossi College of Art in Nashville TN. My husband and i are planning a trip to GA when my semester is over and i needed some guidance. my student cordnatior has advised me to ask around and find out what i could about companys that are on sight filming with the crew, i am planning on trying to get in with them and see if i can run along side and get some professional pics, she has connections with a lot of people and i was wondering if anyone knew kinda who was behind all the fliming and sponsers anyone that would be on sight for filming. i know it will be impossible to get in and actually meet the crew but it would be awesome if i got permission to explore the sets and maybe possible get into the prison if you have any suggestions on where to send me to get more information, please let me know. also do you know for a fact that they are starting to film again on may 6th? you can email me @

    Thank you!

    • laci brewer says:

      oh and i also would like to add, anything i take i will share with you as long as i get full credits, i also get the chance to meet norman in nashville this saturday at the full moon tattoo and horror convention. the student adviser is amazing at getting us in stuff like this 😉

      • That would be great, Laci, and I always give credit for anything shared on the site which I didn’t take (i.e. photos) myself. Congrats on getting to meet Norman. He’s a busy guy so any time someone can get a chance to meet him, many other fans are jealous. :)

  73. Lizz Chester says:

    Thank you SO MUCH! I’ll go ahead and book my hotel I think. :)

  74. Lizz Chester says:

    Hi there! I scheduled off a week in May for my very own Walking Dead vacation. I plan to drive up to GA (I live in Jacksonville, FL) and check out all the filming sites and hopefully run into the cast somewhere during a day that they may be filming outdoors. I heard they start filming Season 4 on May 6th. Do you have a good reference for where I can look for days and places they will be filming? Shall I stay close to Senoia? I plan to use the Google map you have provided on this site to plan my trip. Any good hotels that any of the locals can recommend we stay? Also, any tips/tricks from locals would also be amazing and greatly appreciated! My email is :)

    • I’ll let others weigh in on places to stay nearby, but many fans I’ve talked to who travel from out of town stay in either Peachtree City or Fayetteville, GA. Both are within easy driving distance of Senoia and/or any other nearby filming locations. As far as finding out where and when they’ll be filming, I try to pass everything along here at the website and especially Twitter (@TWD_Locations). Also new for this year, I’ve added an Events Calendar to track filming where fans can quick reference. I don’t know how it’ll work out, but I’ll update it whenever I hear anything.

  75. Kim Bailey says:

    How would someone become a zombie used during filing?

  76. Bethany says:

    Are there any shops to buy like souvenirs? May sound silly but it’ll be something to save!

    • In Senoia? Absolutely. I’ve seen everything from t-shirts to coffee to soda bottles. I don’t have any specifics as far as where you can buy what, but I’ve seen pictures from other fans who’ve gone.

      • Kaylin says:

        My favorite thing that was for sale was in a wine shop… Zombie Zinfindel! haha (it was in the shop next to the sweets/ice cream parlor place)

        One of the shops in Senoia also has set items from Hershel’s farm for sale, although they are expensive. It’s cool to see them though!

  77. Bethany says:

    I am a huge Walking Dead fan. Me and my family are planning on visiting the sites on Spring Break. I have a few questions.
    What are the restrictions for visiting?
    Do you have to pay anything?
    Can you visit everything (Inside the prison, inside Woodbury, Etc.)?
    Once again what are the restrictions of visiting inside?
    Thanks for posting and I am looking forward to visiting!!

    • Restrictions vary depending on where the location is. If it’s private property (the houses, the farm, the prison set, etc) then you may have a difficult time seeing them. Those houses and buildings belong to someone and if they decide they don’t want anyone on their property, there isn’t much anyone can do. If you do visit one of those sites, I recommend asking before entering the property. If the location is public property (like a business, etc) then it’s as open as any other public place. I don’t know of any locations that make you pay anything, except for the old mill (where season two ended) and the owner of that property has his phone number posted at the road. However, even that location you can see from the street so whether you want to enter the property is up to you. As I’ve mentioned several times, if it’s private property and you don’t know for sure if you’re allowed there, or if you can’t find anyone to get permission from, it’s better to opt for not entering the property. I can tell you for certain that the farmhouse location will be off-limits. No one I’ve ever heard from has been legally allowed on the property and I don’t expect that to change.

      If you’re going to be in Atlanta itself during that time, you can also check out Atlanta Movie Tours. They visit several of the filming locations and do all the driving. They’re also the only people I know of who are allowed to take a tour into the quarry from season one. Their tours do cost money but you’d have to see their site for more information on that (I’m not affiliated with them) as well as exactly which locations they visit.

  78. Shannon says:

    I have a question someone might be able to answer….I live in LaGrange, Georgia…actually 30 minutes from where they film. My question is geographic in the show…In one of the episodes. I can’t remember which one Daryl and his brother Merle are talking about YellowJacket and then they cross a bridge over the creek.I know where that is…my husband was born and raised here. (Me I am from Maine) but is that where they were suppose to be? Cause that is a long way from Woodbury (the real one) but there is no YellowJacket Creek in Woodbury (11 hour walk per google) I know this is all technical and it is just a TV Show, but I am just curious. it is so cool it is filmed here. .

    • Shannon says:

      Just saw your thing on that episode and where it was filmed. Thanks anyway. :)

    • Welcome Shannon! It’s all supposed to be within walking distance, or relatively close, to Woodbury but when you look at where it’s actually filmed, there much further apart in reality. Sometimes it takes you out of the scene a little when you know where it’s actually filmed, but it’s still fun. The arena where the Merle and Daryl were fighting was supposed to be in Woodbury when in actuality it’s in Newnan, a good bit away.

      Nice to have you and hopefully I can help get you to Senoia, or another location, when they’re filming for season four.

      • Shannon says:

        My husband and I went to Senoia about a week ago. They weren’t filming but it was very cool to see the town and everyone was very nice. I took pictures :) We want to try to go during filming.

  79. KamilleRN says:

    Thank you!

  80. Sherry says:

    Yay! Do you know when they will be doing Zombie school/casting for extras for season 4? Planning a family vacation for Georgia and being an extra would make it the best vacation ever!

    • That’s the question of the hour, so to speak. I haven’t heard anything concrete yet about when filming/casting for season 4 is supposed to begin, though I have heard rumors of late March or April. Once I’m able to confirm something I’ll be sure to pass it along as quickly as possible.

  81. xtine888 says:

    If the filming for season 3 is complete, when will they start filming season 4?

  82. Sherry says:

    Can the general public go and watch them film or are the sets closed?

    • When they’re filming in public, then anyone can come watch. This was especially true in Senoia, GA last year during filming. In the event they don’t wish to have onlookers, they’ll have security and/or the police set up a perimeter and keep fans at a distance. Whenever they’re in the studio, the studio is closed to the public, so the best chance you have to watch them film is when they’re out in town or in a public area.

  83. Shane Pasmeg says:

    Im not sure if you know this but the Prison is at the Studio in Senoia. I walking the rail road tracks from a near by road and it takes you right where every this is filmed. You need to go on the week end less people are there. Its really cool!!!

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