Church Location from Season Two Premiere

During the events in the season two premiere, “What Lies Ahead”, Rick, Shane, Daryl, Carl, Carol, Lori, Andrea, and Glenn searched the woods near the highway for Sophia who had gone missing while running from zombie walkers. During their search, the survivors heard church bells and ran toward the sound. They came out of the wood line to find a small church.

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Though the sign shown during the scene says “Southern Baptist Church of the Holy Light”, the actual location is Bethel United Methodist Church, on Luther Bailey Road, near Senoia, Georgia. There was plenty of open space from which to take photos, however the church was unoccupied at the time so I was unable to get photos of the inside.

Judging by the surroundings, the group running toward the church not only conveyed a sense of urgency in that they may find Sophia ringing the bell, it also helped to mask the structures, presumable residences, on the adjacent property.

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The church is no longer named Bethel United Methodist Church so if you’re looking for it by that name, you’ll have a hard time finding it.  Thank you to Katie for sending us this image showing the church’s new name, Mount Moriah Baptist Church:

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  1. Iris says:

    Was just here today and the place is up for sale/rent name is wiped from the sign and no one is around any more, the only signs they have up are who to contact about the cemetery.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Was at this location on June 18th, and the church is for sale again. I’m sure it will have a new name again soon.

  3. Rhian says:

    The Walking Dead isn’t the only thing to have filmed here. I can’t remember what else but I’ve seen this church in another tv show or film, I think it was a wedding scene. Does anyone else know? I remember seeing it and recognising it from The Walking Dead, but now I can’t remember what I had seen it in.

  4. matt says:

    The address is 2325 luther Bailey road.

  5. RJ says:

    Is there any way I can get an actual address for this church? It’s the only location I don’t know exactly where to find. Planning on going down in August to snap a few pictures!

  6. Lisa says:

    My 3rd great grandparents up to my great grandparents are buried there in that cemetery. My great, great, great grandfather died in battle in the civil war… The Methodist Church were the owners when the scenes were filmed.

    • Allison says:

      Lisa – my ancestors are buried there too – just discovered them and this today! Am trying to unravel a connection in the family that makes me think a widow of one side married a widower on the other! Not sure yet. Odds are, we may be related! Would love to hear from you!

  7. Karen says:

    In a “Southern Baptist Church”, Jesus isn’t still on the cross.

  8. my great grandparents are the Neill’s. They donated the land for the church to be built on

    • Jan says:

      Stephanie, just read your comment regarding your GGrandparents…the Neills. Trying to find historic contact information for Bethel Methodist Church. In July – History Month for Coweta County – we’re focusing on historic early, early churches. Do you have any suggestions whom I might contact. This is through the historical society. Thanks.

    • Allison says:

      Stephanie, I descend from the Neills as well — and others in that cemetery. Would love to connect and share information if you’re willing!!

  9. Brittany says:

    GOD allowed filming to take place there, some people need to get a grip. It’s just a movie, GOD allowed it, CHILL OUT!

  10. kathy says:

    We have been very nice to all that comes by dont think anyone will say different.But to say we agree with the movie being made in the church we dont agree.Its not Biblical at all to involve the church..We should respect and reverence Gods place of worship.Even Jesus himself got angry and turn the tables over and ran the people out because they were buying and selling for their own gain in the church.God is a jealous God.When people pull up on our church ground we would love them to come to worship God.And we do talk to people and nice to them.You can put Jesus on a beer bottle but it dont make it right.My prayer is people comes to our church because they want to worship God.He is the only thing that matters when this thing is over.Amen.

  11. Adam Hill says:

    Went there today and theres no bell on the side of the Church as shown in TWD. There is a bell at the bottom of the steps though. Peered in a Church window and could see that there in the middle of refurbishing the inside at the moment which is why its closed for services for awhile.

    • Todd says:

      This is the pastor of Mount Modish Baptist church, let it be known that we do not and never have supported this show, there was a Methodist church there at that time, we do not encourage the show nor do we encourage the pictures being published of the building in which we now worship our Lord Jesus Christ, this is not a tourist location, this is where we worship

      • Todd says:

        My phone misspelled moriah, but once again we do not support this show.

      • David says:

        That is a real shame that you and your church feel that way. As a Christian I can not help but think God has given you a great gift to witness and testify to those who come by your church regardless of how you feel about the show. As long as people are not damaging or defiling your building/cemetery its free promotion to your church and to tell people about the Gospel. Open your doors don’t close them so people can have a chance to open their hearts to the opportunity of hearing about Jesus Christ.

        • Todd mc says:

          David I can promote the church in many different ways I could make a bar or even a strip club, like some church’s have but it would not be the way God intended. Our doors are open to all but the truth is I have never had one visitor come and say they want to worship or visit because of the walking dead, in fact when i am there and speak to them they have all seemed to be in a hurry to leave but if they do stay I will preach to them them all the same. And no it’s not a shame “be ye separate and come out from among them” free promotion is not always good promotion. Final comment.

      • Most churches don’t actively try to drive people off. One of the people who goes to look at the church could very well find that they wish to worship there, as well. It’s sadly not just the lunatics at the Westboro and Landover Baptist Churches who make all Baptists look bad.

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  13. Deborah says:

    Is there really a crucifix inside a Baptist church?

  14. Kimball says:

    What’s the Scripture on the little billboard during the movie? Revelations …something..can’t see it clearly. I wonder if it’s significant to the Apocalypse.

    • Daniel says:

      Revelation 16:17 The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air,and out of the temple came a loud voice from the throne,saying,“It is done!”

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  16. Richard Cole says:

    I spoke to the new owner’s mother this past weekend. For those of you wishing to go out to the church, They don’t mind you taking all the photos you want…. Outside… There are no photos allowed from the inside of the church.

  17. Jesse says:

    I can confirm the name of the church has been changed to Mount Moriah. I wish I would have taken the time to read all of the comments here before trying to locate this place, my GPS took me to some small building (small bank?) at the Intersection of Luther Bailey & Old 85 HWY. We finally found it after tethering my laptop to my phone’s wifi and Google-mapping it. Anyway, here’s some updated pics!

  18. Cynthia Krantz says:

    My parents live walking distance from this little church. Daddy works out doors all season long, helping neighbors with yard work, landscaping, etc. One day, while taking down scrub trees for an elderly neighbor, a man came out of the woods and asked my father if he would consider not using the chainsaw for a few days because they had to stop filming at the church next door each time that the chain saw started up. So, my little boy grabbed his video camera and he and Grampy walked hand-in-hand up to the church and my little guy filmed the actors running in and out of the church. Everyone was so excited, even though they didn’t watch the show. I was flying that week and production was shutting down when I got to my parents house to pick up my son. Just my luck. I should have called in sick and stood in the 100+ degree weather to stand with the other lookie-lous and watch my crush wield his cross-bow! Another time, perhaps.

  19. christi says:

    The church is no longer called Bethel…its Mount Moriah Baptist Church.

  20. pablo says:

    There was also a sermon at the tine so I? Didn’t get to check the inside

  21. pablo says:

    Yup. Did get to take pictures. Next time I got to ATL I’m going to try and see the quarry

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  23. Lowtrac says:

    Another thing to note. I went over there and took a couple of pictures after I saw the trailer for season 2. The Welcome Bikers sign was there as it has been for several years. Apparently they’ve changed it to Welcome Home now.

    • I wonder why they changed the sign. That’s odd, but considering the sign below the Bethel UMC sign was welcoming a new pastor (when I was there), I suppose it’s not out of the question.

  24. Lowtrac says:

    You’ll have to come in from Gordon road. Or you could take Rock House road to Crawford. The bridge is between the church and old 85.

  25. Cheryl says:

    I tried to go to see this church, but there was a road sign saying the bridge was out. (This was on 10/22/11.) If you turn onto Luther Bailey Rd. from Old GA Hwy. 85, do you then have to go over a small bridge BEFORE you reach the church? If it’s before the bridge, then I can go see it.

    • Depends on which way you’re coming on Old GA 85. I know from that intersection, Old Hwy 85 and Luther Bailey Road, you want to head West. The church will be on your right just before you get to the dead end at Gordon Road.

    • beanice says:

      Speaking of a bridge, has any one found that one that Glenn and Maggie drove over when they were fleeing from the farm in the finale from last season?

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  27. porous says:

    Thanks for posting this location. I was going crazy trying to find it because I thought it looked familiar. I was wrong though and I’ve never been by this church.

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