Car Chase And Wreck Scene

In what was surely a cringe inducing moment for many car aficionados out there, GTO fans in particular, we see Rick, Shane, and the other deputies set up a road block to stop a car being chased by other law enforcement personnel.  Upon cresting a hill the GTO drives over some spike strips, blowing out its tires, sending it into a spin and ultimately flipping over into a field.

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This entire scene was filmed on a small side road just outside of Mansfield, GA which is also the location where Shane and Rick were eating lunch.  Obviously the production team needed a wide open sparsely populated space for this scene to minimize the possibility of collateral damage from the stunt.  This small side road, within 5 miles of Mansfield, seemed to serve the purpose quite well.  It appears that the open field, where the car ended up coming to rest, either was at one time or currently still is being developed into a future subdivision.  However at the time of filming, and of taking these location photos, no actual construction was underway.

Some of the photos are directly of the street where the car was launched and rolled.  Surprisingly little damage was done to the actual road surface though it appears that either the production team, city, state, or county had made repairs to the road surface.

These varying shots show the road and field from two angles; the top of the hill (which would have been behind the GTO) and the bottom (the roadblock perspective).

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  1. blssd1s says:

    What exact road is this? I live in Mansfield and it looks like county road 229 in some pics. Its driving me crazy!

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