Box Truck Escape Route

At the end of “Guts”, Rick loads all of the survivors into the back of the box truck and drives out of Atlanta, toward the quarry.

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This route is actually right around the corner from where the escape scene was actually filmed on Mitchell St SW. This takes them over the rail yard featured earlier and down Peters St SW, out of Atlanta.  In fact, some of the photos in the “Box Truck in the Rail Yard” post were taken across the street, on the other side of the bridge, from these.  I tried to take these shots from where I believed the camera position to be, or as close as possible. As you can tell from many of these shots, a lot of the scenes were filmed in downtown Atlanta in very close proximity of each other.

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4 Responses to Box Truck Escape Route

  1. Bill says:

    I love this TV series since I can identify with so many of the locations.

  2. elwood blues says:

    I was the ‘walker’ that was in the middle of the street..the van drove past me ,, and 3 others….seen for at l e a s t 3 mili seconds!!

    that the doorway to a art store,,,we hung out there to beat the heat and I leaned up on the guys buzzer[by mistake] and he came to the door and kinda freaked …

    • TWD Locations says:

      It looked like being on set would be fun. I saw some of the behind-the-scenes stuff as well as interviews with the cast and crew and they all came across like they were having fun with the cameras were off. I know it was hot while filming was going on so it’s good to hear it wasn’t completely miserable for everyone.

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