Abandoned Building Seen In "Vatos" (Murray Mill)

In the fourth episode, “Vatos”, Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog have to go to an abandoned building with a captive, Miguel (@AnthonyGuajardo), in order to rescue Glenn who was captured earlier in the episode.

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This building is located near some railroad tracks near Foster St NW in Atlanta, GA. Not a lot more is known about this building other than the fact that there are some businesses neighboring and it has since been locked and boarded up.  Much more information about this building can be found here (courtesy user Parabellum at Virtual Globetrotting).

Many thanks to Harley Big Daddy for getting these location photos

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  1. Sue Hyde says:

    I just happened upon this and it caught my interest. I worked in this building from 1962 until 1966, It was the Murray Gin Company, and I worked for Southeastern Metal Products which was owned by Robert S Haywood. Mr. Haywood was a graduate of Georgia Tech, a former Army Ranger and was one of the nicest men. He took a section of this property and made his manufacturing facility. At one time, we made railroad cars for Southern Railway. He had a great business going there at one time. We also did a lot of business with Murray Gin. After I left employment there, Mr. Haywood bought the whole complex. He passed away a couple or so years ago. I don’t know why it is called “Goat Farm”. Maybe he had goats? Don’t know.

    • Wow, thank you so much for the interesting backstory on this location. I love hearing about the history of the locations, especially the older ones, and I really appreciate the firsthand tellings like yours. I appreciate it.

  2. ayanlang says:

    The Goat Farm! I recognized it right off the bat. You can browse a ton of photos of this amazing venue on Flickr:

    Very seedy and decayed-looking, but in a booming area of urban revitalization, and there have been a ton of structural repairs to make it safe for pop-up restaurants, concerts, and artists spaces. Owner used to hold off developers with a shotgun. I hope it never, ever gets gentrified.

    The artist who blacksmithed the gates to the Atlanta Botanical Garden has her foundry there at the Goat Farm.

    Sorry, I’m an Atlanta resident who’s just now getting round to watching The Walking Dead. My hub and I are using your site to score our guesses. He’s a little bit ahead because he used to actually *work* for Norfolk Southern and take his smoke breaks on the roof where Merle was chained to a pipe… “Oh, if that roof could talk,” he said. “That roof has seen much weirder sh*t than walking corpses.” 😉

  3. Clayton says:

    I thought this episode was maybe filmed at the colony’s warehouse in Los Angeles.

    • Amanda says:

      No. All of The Walking Dead episodes are filmed in Georgia. They’ve filmed in Sharpsburg, Senoia, Newnan & Atlanta that I know, there could be more cities in Georgia they’ve filmed in though. It’s a Georgia based show, period. I would know beings I live in Georgia myself.

  4. Brandy Adcock says:

    Just as an update, I was at the Goat Farm this past weekend to shoot a few pictures. the ‘courtyard’ where alot of the initial confrontation takes place is actually in the interior of one of the older buildings and is not closed off due to ‘dangerous conditions’. You can, however, see the locale through the windows and i was able to take a good picture through a hole in the wall..

    Yes, this location is about a mile from Bellwood Quarry, and is also only a mile from the ‘Sheriff’s Station’ on Ellsworth, and only about 3 or 4 miles from the initial ‘hospital’ scenes, over on Bolton Rd.

  5. Carrie Burns says:

    The Goat Farm is a great location for filming, easy for the crew and equipment and you’re spot on about the proximity to Bellwood Quarry.

  6. Gabby Drew says:

    We have an abandoned building that looks just like this one in Howland, Maine its called the tannery. When I saw that building it blew my mind and I had to look up where it was shot. i could have sworn it was in Maine.

    • This location is one of my favorites from the first season and it was also one of the trickiest to find. There are so many buildings which look like this, even in Atlanta alone, that it was a real find when I actually located it. Glad to hear there are similar locations around the country because some of these older buildings are wonderful to look at.

  7. Jeff Clemmons says:

    This isn’t a dangerous section of town… very close to IKEA and Atlantic Station… and the historic bldgs. are the remanents of the Van Winkle Gin & Machine Works. They have filmed a lot here in the past.

    History of Van Winkle factories: http://www.artery.org/MurrayMill.htm

  8. Sarah says:

    That is a dangerous area to film in. They could have saved some time and filmed south of Memorial near Grant Park and East Lake.

    • Yeah, they likely could have found some architecture down in that area which would have looked similar. My guess for this location was its proximity to the quarry where the campsite scenes were filmed, or the fact that there isn’t much around this building other than railroad tracks.

    • RSC says:

      This area isn’t dangerous at all. It’s steps away from one of the best restaurant in Atlanta (Bacchanalia).

    • Idiotsrule says:

      Not even slightly dangerous. Know your city!!!

    • Regis B says:

      This area is no where remotely close to dangerous. The goat farm was a old cotton gin mill and is now a collective studio rental area for artists that range from photographers, videographer, sculptors, painters, dancing, and others. There are even local publications who have artists there. Its even a living area located there. I own a time share studio there with other photographers. Its more safe to shoot here than it is to shoot in most parts of atlanta without police being in your a** about permits, and or about being on private property etc etc. The tenants and artists there are friendly and always respect your area when your doing something there. You just cant go up there and do video or photography though without permission.

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  10. TWD Locations says:

    What an interesting bit of info. Have to admit that I don’t think I’ve ever heard that. Thanks for the links!

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