A Note From Mayor Jim Sells

Many fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead have travelled to Grantville, GA in order to take the free tour offered there by Grantville’s Mayor, Mayor Jim Sells. Mayor Sells recently sent me this note as well as a few pictures that I wanted to pass along. If you haven’t been to Grantville to check out that location, I highly recommend it. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews from everyone who’s visited Grantville and everyone seems to have really enjoyed themselves.

For those who may not know the significance of Grantville, GA, it is the location of the town seen in the season three episode, “Clear”, where Rick, Michonne, and Carl travel to ultimately retrieve a photo of Rick, Lori, and Carl as well as some weapons from the town’s only inhabitant, Morgan.

And now, a word from Mayor Jim Sells.

Hey, this is Mayor Jim in Grantville! We have recreated most of the apartment and still doing FREE tours Wed thru Sun at 6:30! We meet downtown in front of Station 22 Grill, right next to Morgan’s apartment! We cover all the street scenes and tour Morgan’s apartment. At 5:30 we show the clear episode in the restaurant! Big crowd and lots of fun. Please pass the word! Thanks, Mayor Jim

MayorSells2 MayorSells1


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  2. Joy Dooley-Sorrells says:

    We are planning to visit the area on July 30, 31 or August 1. We wanted to do the tour and eat at Station 22. Any advice from those who have been recently. (P.S. My husband and I have 5 daughters ranging in age from 6 to 20 – we plan to excuse the younger children from the episode viewing but thought everything else may be okay.) Your thoughts? ~ Joy

    • Dani says:

      HI Joy, the tours are on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a family friendly tour but I agree with you about little ones watching the episode. Bring an umbrella :) Mayor Jim does a great job as a tour guide and the apartment is a great re-creation. Have fun!

      • Joy Dooley-Sorrells says:

        Thanks so much! I believe we will plan for Friday, August 2. Is there a certain time we should plan to get into town? We are excited about this excursion – would love to run into some cast/crew!!

        • Fred Scheit says:

          They show the ‘Clear” episode at 5.30PM, then the tour starts an hour later.

          Also depending on the mobility of your group and if you like a wander around the town, what time suits you best to arrive.

  3. Are they still doing to tours Wensdays? I’m travling down to visit and planning on making a trip to see the sets on the 9th. Any info would be great!

    • Dani says:

      They are not currently doing tours on Wednesdays. The updated schedule for tours: New Summer Hours! Tours are now Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:30. We will still play the “Clear” episode at 5:30 in Station 22 Grill! Hope that helps! It is a great tour

      • Randy Mitchell says:

        My family are planning on visiting soon. I just want to ask, will the episode be played where people can eat while they watch, or is it played in a separate location?
        Thank you, Randy.

  4. Niccole West says:

    They are filming in Newnan right now. My son and I just came from the set. It’s at the PAPP clinic on Cavender Street. They have been there all day. Some friends of mine went earlier today and saw David Morrissey and we saw Greg Nicoterro and Andrew Lincoln. We are saw several random walkers who were friendly and waved for pics! Some other people there told me that they were also filming there last night and they could see everything from their backyard. They said they watched a walker get shot! Wish I had seen that! And they got pics and claimed to have uploaded them to Facebook so they could be floating around the internet already, :)

  5. Rebecca says:

    Hope the tour is still happening today…My hubby and I shipped the kids to the grandparents and are headed to Grantville and Senoia today!!!! We, obviously, are big TWD fans and are driving up from Orlando!

  6. Mark Bailey says:

    Definitely not the end of the world, we’re looking forward to it tomorrow. I mostly wanted to let everyone else know as you mentioned. Thanks for a great site, we are enjoying our tour of the area thanks to the information here.

    We went to the potential site in Turin too, and they had postponed filming due to weather. But we got to talk to the crew as they were packing up, and they were very nice.

  7. Mark Bailey says:

    We were disappointed that we went for the tour this evening, only to find out that there are “new summer hours”…Friday through Sunday. We wish there had been more advance notice that the Wednesday and Thursday tours are no longer active.

  8. A kassler says:

    I live so close and still can’t believe I haven’t taken the tour! That’s true southern hospitality right there:) thanks Mayor!

  9. Keith Hoff says:

    I think it is a really nice thing that Mayor Jim is doing for The Walking Dead Fans. These small towns are really hurting in this economy. Bringing in some tourist dollars is a big win for everyone involved. Maybe the film studio will wise up and realise that the fans want to see the filming locations, and not just a bunch of KEEP OUT and NO TRESSPASSING signs plastered everywhere. The Fans are what keeps the show in production. Without the fans, the show dies. Thank You Mayor Jim for being a positive role model and caring about the fans. Maybe the production company will wise up and do the same.

  10. Deltawidow says:

    My family recently went on this tour and Mayor Jim is a hoot! He is enthusiastic and also very knowledgeable about the “Clear” episode. He takes you on a tour of the locations in Grantville (all within walking distance), and wraps it up with Morgan’s apartment. We were lucky enough to have a zombie extra tour with us, Dustin, who is a Grantville police officer. He had many behind the scenes stories to tell, which were delightful! Take this tour, while you still can. Apparently, there are some in the town that oppose what the Mayor is doing. You won’t be disappointed! It’s free, it’s fun, and stop by the Station 22 for something to eat while you watch the :Clear” episode.

  11. He is so Nice, My husband and myself were on our way to Atlanta so he could catch a flight, we were just going to drive by so my husband could see the town and about 7:30 in the morning this sweet man pulls up and laughed and said yall crazy walking dead fans keep getting earlier and earlier. He invited us to the apartment and we talked for a little while. Please Support him why eating at Station 22 and support his town!

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