Season Three Filming Is Under Way

As most fans of The Walking Dead know filming began this week as the cast and crew returned to Georgia for season three of the AMC series.  We don’t know all of the locations but we have mentioned a few in recent weeks.  They were filming today (Tuesday, May 8th) near Reese Road and Odom Road in Turin, GA.  (I have a fan pic from that location that I’ll share in the future once I receive permission.)

I’m making this post so that anyone who sees filming, hears about locations, or has information about future filming sites and wishes to share can do so in the comments section below.  If you do not wish to make information public, feel free to email us.

I’d like to thank everyone who has passed information along to us already in these past two days.  One of our followers, Richard Cole (@Krysalos) has uploaded some pics from yesterday’s filming (as well as many other location photos) to his Flickr stream here.  If you have photos you’d like to share whether they’re individual photos or an entire album, feel free to post the link below or email it to us.  If you send a photo or album link via email please let us know if it’s OK to post the link here.

Thanks all who have contributed and we’ll keep everyone updated as quickly as possible. I’ll also keep this message on the front page for a while so it can be found easily.

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‘The Citizen’ Article About Future Filming Locations

Yesterday’s issue (April 20, 2012) of The Citizen paper had an interesting article about some possible future filming locations for season three of The Walking Dead.  The article doesn’t mention anything about dates when these locations will be used but as we get closer to filming, and continuing through the season as filming is ongoing, and we hear more we’ll be sure to pass information along.

I’d like to thank one of our followers, Larry McDonald (@l_e_mcdonald) for scanning this article and sending it to us.  I’ve also transcribed the article below the image for anyone who may have difficulty reading it.

If you live in Senoia or the surrounding areas, keep an eye on these sites and let us know if you see any activity indicating staging for filming is beginning.

(Click image to enlarge)

(Text of above article)

‘Walking Dead’ zombies to pour into Coweta County


The upcoming season of the “Walking Dead” television show begins filming near the end of May and will feature an expanded presence in Coweta County this year.  Coweta County commissioners got the word April 17 when Stalwart Films location manger Mike Riley gave a preview of locations around the county where filming would occur.

Noting that the schedule is not set and that he would have more specific information at the May 3 meeting, Riley said portions of the popular show will be filmed on Turkey Creek Road near the fire department, at Sportsman’s Deer Cooler in Haralson and at a house in Turin where the production is requesting to close Reese Road between McIntosh Trail and Odom Road.

Riley said that, once shooting at these locations and in Senoia begins, the production will require nine days of filming per episode.  Shooting will occur Mondays through Fridays and will continue through November, Riley added.

“We appreciate the opportunity to work with you,” Riley told commissioners.

Asked by Commissioner Al Smith why Coweta was a fit for the show, Riley noted several reasons.

“The storyline runs from a rural area to an urban area and back to a rural area,” Riley said, adding the benefit of having Raleigh Studios in Senoia.  “We were here last year and much of the show was shot in this area”

Riley earlier in April announced at a meeting of the Senoia City Council that they city is about to go to the next level for the show’s thirds season when Senoia will become the main set and a sanctuary for the zombie apocalypse.

“Senoia will be a major set for next season,” Riley said, adding that Senoia’s Raleigh Studios will serve as the production’s other principal set while other locations in the area will play a more minor role in the production.  “This (third season) is long term.  We’ll be here until November.”

Speaking only in general terms about he upcoming season, Riley said the scenario involves the city serving as a sanctuary in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

“The town is walled off,” Riley said of the storyline.  “Inside the wall is a the safe zone and a benevolent dictator runs the town.”

Noting some of the specifics meant to create the desired effects of the show, Riley said the crew will construct a temporary, movable wall meant to look like a gate stacked with items such as old tires and doors that can be used along the area of Main Street and Travis Street.

Though filming is expected to occur in  a number of areas around the city, Riley said the area of Main Street from Seavy Street to Travis Street will serve as the main set.  The set might extend from Seavy to Johnson Stree, Riley added.  He said the production calls for store fronts to be left as they are to lend to the impression that the city is a safe zone.

Production is set to begin on May 31, Riley said, noting that the set location could become one that is recurring during another season if the success of the show continues.

The first episode is scheduled to begin shooting on May 31 and will continue Monday-Friday for eight days and might include some night shooting, Riley said.

Riley told council members that what the production would need is to be able to control traffic in the set area and to arrange for alternative parking for businesses and to keep them accessible to customers and for deliveries.

Riley said he had spoken with most of the merchants in the set area to explain what the production would like to accomplish.

“The feedback so far is positive.  The city’s day-to-day business traffic has to be accommodated, “ Riley said.  “I think we had an economic impact last season and I think there will be a positive impact with us being here longer this year.”

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Fox 5 Atlanta Report About Elders Mill Location

Fox 5 Atlanta has put out a report about the Elders Mill location seen in the season two finale of The Walking Dead.

Thanks to Doug Evans for letting us know about this report.

Local ‘Walking Dead’ Sites Attracting Fans:

As with all locations we mention and point out here on the site, we always remind fans to be respectful of private property and ask permission before entering any sites.

Here’s another version of the video which was a live report:

Local ‘Walking Dead’ Sites Attracting Fans:

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‘The Walking Dead’ Filming in Senoia in May and June

For those of you familiar with the comics, you’ll recognize the town of Woodbury.  No, Senoia isn’t Woodbury, but from the sound of this article from, it’ll be playing it on TV.

The crew plans to construct a movable wall which will be portrayed as the town’s barrier during certain scenes.  Major traffic through town will have to be diverted during filming times but the crew is working closely with local businesses to ensure closures are kept to a minimum.

The article mentions that this location will be a safe haven for the survivors  and ruled by “a benevolent dictator.”  I’m sure those familiar with the comics have a pretty good idea who that is.

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Photos From The Quarry (Bellwood Quarry)

Back in season one we saw our survivors living at a campsite on the outskirts of Atlanta. Amy and Andrea fished there, Shane fought Carol’s husband, Ed, there and we were all witness to the joyful reunion of Rick with his family there.

(Click images to enlarge)

As many of you know these scenes were filmed at Bellwood Quarry outside of Atlanta proper but still easily within the city limits. This property is owned by the City of Atlanta and is off-limits to sightseers due to safety concerns. However, some adventurous residents of the city still manage to get into this beautiful oasis in an otherwise industrial area.  (Note: This area is off-limits for a reason.  The blasting which occurred here at one time has left the area unstable and dangerous.  Please do not attempt to get into the area on your own.)

We’re lucky to have been contacted by one such resident, Dustin Grau. He has given us permission to share his images of the quarry here on the site. I’ll only pass a few along here as he has many, many more which you can view at one of the links below. This place truly is beautiful and has recently become accessible through a tour with Atlanta Movie Tours.

To see more of Dustin’s photos of not only Bellwood Quarry but also the Goat Farm as well as many other non Walking Dead photos, please visit him at one of these locations:

Quarry Photoset on Flickr
Quarry Photoset on Dustin’s Blog

Dustin’s Blog

Now, the photos:

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